Advice please ladies on surgery

Hi everyone, I would like to pick your brains again if I can. As a few of you might know I have secondary BC to the liver. I was dx double whammey, had chemo and presently on Herceptin, Pertuzumab and Tamaxifen. I am responding to treatment as the original met was 0.9cm and is either not there at all or is alot smaller (the ct scan was inconclusive so I was sent for an MRI to the liver and I am still waiting for results).My question is should I ask on my onc appointment next week to be sent for surgery for the remaining met (if it is a met) or should I let the drugs do the work. My research shows that if you do not have mets anywhere else and are healthy, taking part of the liver increases survival or in some cases brings a cure.Surgery was mentioned before I started chemo but they felt the chemical route should be the first to try.I feel lucky that there are no mets else where in my body and that the liver met was found early but I really would like to do everything I can to stop the cancer seeding of to other parts of my body. I would appreciate your opinion ladies. Thanks. Angela xx

Hi Angela

I hope you get some replies to your questions soon, but in addition you might like to give the helpline a ring and have a chat with the nurses there.  Calls are free 0808 800 6000.

Also, I don’t know whether you have tried it or not, but each Tuesday evening BCC run a ‘Live Chat’ service dedicated to those with a secondary diagnosis.  The users of this service are a great support to each other and there’s also a nurse at hand to answer any questions you might have in real time.  I’ve put you the link below for you to have a look at.  It would be good to see you there.

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Jo, Moderator

Don’t have experience with liver mets personally, but most of the stuff I have seen would indicate that if the mets are contained they can do radio frequency ablation or cyberknife etc.  Physical surgery to remove some of the liver I would also have though is a possibility as the liver regenerates and so quite a bit can be removed without significant effects on the patient.


I would certainly raise the question with your onc about surgery of some sort if the met/s are contained.  RFA and cyberknife are forms of laser/radiation and do not involve an excision into the body.  Worth asking.  We all need to be proactive about our care.


Vicki xxx

Yes, unfortunately you are right, it seems most onc’s don’t tell you everything and if you don’t ask you don’t always get. I think it’s worth asking about surgery of any type, I would in your situation,explore steriotatic (cyberknife etc) as well as traditional surgery and get them to explain the pros and cons. Very good luck to you

Hi Angela, I agree with everyone here, unless the very small solitary met is in a difficult place I would most definitely push for cyber knife and in your shoes I would find it preferable to surgery. Have you (I’m sorry I can’t remember) had your primary removed? I would, in your shoes again, want it removed.

I think it’s 3% of mets patients who make a complete recovery, you sound as though you have a very good chance of being part of that 3%.:smileyvery-happy:




Agree with other’s comments here.  I know another member of this site who’s had RFA to the liver in the last few months.

Btw, hoping I may be part of the 3% too!