Advice please

Hi all,

Really surprised how down I became after receiving the letter this morning informing me that my daughter did not get the school of our choice.
I was just overwhelmed by it all, and so tearey. I now have to play the appeal game. Anyone with any advice.

Kat x

It’s very difficult, but my advice is do appeal because sometimes you can win, but it is a difficult thing to do. You need to build a case as to why your daughter should go to that school, and you need gather evidence. Inform the school you intend to appeal, then start to gather evidence Ie statements from Guide leaders, primary head, faith leaders, etc. Be clear as to why, do not knock the school your daughter has been given. At the appeal take somone with you and make a statement with notes don’t be afraid to ask the appeals panel questions I warn you though they can be very scarey and emotionally challenging, it depends on the school and the appeals process the LA have.

Don’t know if this is any help?


Thanks Sarah,

I am now in a turmoil over whether to go with the coed we have been offered or appeal for the girls school.
I’m coming at this from the whole puberty thing. My daughter in the last few months has become quite adament that she does not want breasts; which is understandable with everything that is happening to me and the fact that my Mum died of BC when she was my age.
I’m wondering if a girls only enviroment will allow her to develop and mature at her own pace with out all that boy stuff???
Any advice please.
Kat x

I have changed my subject heading.

My sister in law has MS and her son was given a school about 30 miles from home (not sure why) it was hard to get to if you couldn’t drive - she appealed and the LEA found him a place much nearer to home. i think the whole process is quite long winded but worth doing if the school you’ve been offered really isn’t suitable (for whatever reason).
best wishes