Advice please

Hi all

Been a while since I was on here (2 years 7 months since Dx). Been having annual mammograms and 6 monthly reviews with breast surgeon. Had one or two scares since but all turned out well.

Yesterday was just feeling around my bc boob and armpit (as you do) and found a pea-sized gristly lump above my SNB scar.

I’m trying not to panic but is this likely to be something sinister or is it scar tissue? Must be about 6 weeks since I last had a poke around and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there then.

I have my next review in March so I’m torn between leaving it until then or should I go to my GP to get another opinion?

If I’m honest I don’t really know why I’m asking what I should do - I know I should go to my GP and get it checked but as stupid as it sounds I’m really reluctant to set the ball rolling again for all the tests/biopsies/waiting/results/surgery/radio/tam/zolodex etc.

Just tell me to get my backside into gear and get an appt made - I know it needs to be done . . . .


Hi Claire
Can completely understand not wanting to go, and all that may entail but you need peace of mind(as much as we can have); you will drive yourself doolally with the worrying/wondering.

Phone the GP Monday morning.

Lots of love

SJ xx

Claire - get your backside into gear and get an appointment made.

There. Why do we women always make these sort of discoveries at the weekend when we can’t do anything about them immediately?! My heart absolutely goes out to you - I’m keeping everything crossed that this really is just an irritating bit of scar tissue that has somehow come adrift and is scaring you - and it’s perfectly possible that it IS something so benign. But you know perfectly well that you won’t sleep until you ‘know’ - so go and set the ball rolling.

Please let us know how you get on - I’ll be thinking of you.

Sophie xx

Hi Claire,

just want to endorse what sophie says. It is so true that once something is discovered the worry won’t go away - you have to get it checked and the sooner the better cos then you either stop worrying - or you get it sorted. If you are still having checkups can’t ring the hospital and get an appt. in clinic rather than go to the GP? I think you know what you have to do :slight_smile:


Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear you have this worry. Knowing you’re in roughly the same area as me, I would say give the breast clinic a ring and I’m sure they’ll see you asap and you can get the correct medics looking at it straight away and any necessary tests done rather than go via the GP and then have to wait even longer. I rang one morning the other week to change a checkup appointment and expected to have to delay it but I was seen 2 hours later as there were gaps in Mr P’s clinic.

Sure it’ll be scar tissue but you need to have some peace of mind quickly, don’t you ??

Good luck, Liz

Hi Claire

I do agree - best to bypass GP if you can and go straight to bcn or breast clinic. I have done this a couple of times - once it WAS a recurrence and I really did not want to know, but of course it was clearly absolutely for the best. The second time it was nothing at all. I have always been seen by them within a day of ringing, and they have always told me todo this if I’m worried.

Good luck


Hi girls

Thank you for your replies and sound common sense. It really is so reassuring knowing I have good folk to talk to on here - it feels like you’re all there holding my hand!

Going to call into the BSU tomorrow after work - hopefully get to see someone. I know it’s for my own good and hopefully it’s nothing (a bit of gristle or something) but knowing what will unfold if it’s suspicious is making me feel a bit cowardly lol Too much prior knowledge is not a good thing . . . .

Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again breast friends xx

Hi again

Called into the BSU today - got my appt brought forward to next Wed 22nd to see Specialist Nurse so glad I can get the lump checked (Cons on site so if need be can get him to have a look).

Got another prob now to add to it all. Since hysterectomy and removal of ovaries in March (see profile), having recurrent UTI’s - had 3 in last 3 months.

Went to see GP this morning - got antibiotics and being referred to either Gynae or Urology. Seems without the protective benefits of oestrogen I’m now at high rist of infection. I asked GP if I could have a low dose antibiotic to take every day but she was against that. Astonishingly she said I might be prescribed an oestrogen cream to apply, even though I am ER+ !! Said they might weigh up the benefits of it over the risks of bc.

Mentioned it today in BSU and was told under no circumstances must I use the cream and to tell GP not to prescribe. Talk about conflicting information!

Seems you have to be well informed and be prepared to challenge the medics. Must admit this isn’t the first time I’ve questioned their opinion since being diagnosed with bc - being balshy must be a side effect!

And so the waiting begins again. Roll on Wednesday.



Glad to hear you got an appointment sorted at BCU - much better with them all being in same place isn’t it? I have to say I tend not to go to GPs if I have any queries re the cancer and tend to ring oncology or BCU for advice and then go and tell GPs what they have to do!!

Good luck for next week and hope it brings great news before Xmas.


good you have app. for wednesday : )
all the best

Hello again

Reporting back from seeing the Breast Care Nurse today. BCN and Dr both agree I have scar tissue from SNB (phew), being dragged down by breast lymphoedema. Must say I didn’t expect that but is far, far better than what the alernative might’ve been.

Not really had any specific symptoms but have had a combination - sore tingly boob, sore shoulder, pain waking me at night when I lay on that side, when my arm resting at my side I get the feeling that something is holding it away (now I know it’s fluid). I had noticed that my nipple on the bc side looks paler and fuller but had put that down to radio but it’s the fluid under my skin. Not much I can do except some gentle massage.

BCN said that she’s seeing a lot of breast lymphoedma from ladies with WLE/SNB whereas ladies with Mx/ANC are plagued with lymphodoema of the arm. Would be interesting perhaps to find out if this was the case.

Will be spending some time now on the lymphodoema thread now . . .

Take care all

Claire xx

Good news!!!

I’m one of those who had mx and anc and have arm lymphoedema.


Hi Liz

Yes thanks, good news! Was Carol, BCN who told me about the link she’d seen between the two types of surgery and the type of lymphoedema which could follow.

Do you see anyone about coping with the arm lympho? Carol didn’t think I needed any treatment except some massage. I’ve read about a sleeve for arm lympho but what is there for boob lympho???

Hope you’re doing OK Liz and as ready as you can be for Xmas.

Love Claire xx

Hi Claire,

Yep it was Carol indirectly. She referred me to physio soon after surgery as I was seizing up in my shoulder area. Had a bit of massage for that and then the lymphoedema became more obvious - it goes up from my elbow, round underneath my arm, a bit in the back of the shoulder and then across my collar bone area and down to my mx scar

The physio used some special tape that helped a lot - kinesio taping. Mr P approves of it too. Then after a few months of that, my skin became sensitive to it so the physio sent me to see Helen at the hospice as she’s the lymphoedema specialist. Had some massage from her and then a course of 6 sessions at Slynedales before going back to Helen. Not been for a few months but will have to go in new year as it’s getting a bit worse (probably cos I’m not wearing my sleeve every day!!!). The massage definitely works so I would say get some and get them to show you how to do it to yourself. Or see about getting this tape - it’s brill!!

I’ve pm’d you too.

Liz x

hi there please go to gp i dont want to worry you but i had a lump and nodes removed in 2008 followed by fec and rads
in november this year i was getting pains in my boob went to gp and she not to worry it just scar tissues but i said i want to be seen at breast clinic
so i waited 3 week never heard any thing so i rang breast clinic and explain how i felt and they got me on the monday 29th had a core biopsy went back the follow week to be told cancer had return so on the 13th dec i had a ct scan then on the 17th dec had a masetomy so please got get seen asap
thinking of you