Advice please (!!)

Ok, so due to start chemo and have PICC put in tomorrow as well, and this is my BIG question to all you chemo experienced souls…

I have a big box of chocolates that I was given today. Should I eat them all this evening in case chocolate just doesn’t taste as good post FEC#1, and I’d be forced to let rest of family eat them?

And does the same apply to the bottle of red I was also given today?

Sophie xxx

Oh yes!!! It will be the best wine you will taste until next spring !!!

Just remember to keep hydrated and dring loads of water…v impt!

Absolutely!!! Is the reply to both of your questions!! Indulge, and enjoy tonight!

Definitely tonight - it’ll be a good few days before you’ll want to even think about them again. Good luck tomorrow.

Stella xx

Go for it! They will taste different during chemo and you need to treat yourself :slight_smile:

Hi Sophie,

Go for it & enjoy, will be thinking of you tomorrow.


Hi, I hope you had the chocolates and wine !!! BUT, I have to say out here in Spain the chemo nurse always tell us to go home after chemo and have a couple of glasses of wine!!! Very Liberal here!

I always did! Finished my last lot hopefully of chemo 2 weeks ago! then slept and felt fine… It helped me unwind.

We also take cakes, homemade tapa’s in etc and share.

On the 23rd Dec is my next treatment, when as it’s Christmas we have been given 3 bottles of Cava, from our Oncologist, we all are taking some buffet food in and having a little party whilst receiving our treatment. There is only 8 of us ladies in my chemo suite, and 2 nurses, plus the Onc… So I think it’s more personal here!

So think on enjoy, hope all goes well, Oh meant to tell you I have a Portacar in my chest, it’s fantastic, had it implanted in August.

Love Teresa xxx

Hi Sophie,

I agree - treat yourself as you never know what your taste buds will be like afterwards! :slight_smile:

I’m having a Hickman’s put in on Tuesday morning but I won’t be having my first AC until after xmas now because the unit is chronically understaffed due to sickness so they can’t fit me in. At least I’ll get to enjoy my xmas lunch!

I’ll be thinking of you!

Nymeria xx

Best wishes for tommorow enjoy your chocs you may loose your taste for about a week it does come back b4 your next session

hi nymeria i also did AC a lot of women have or doin Fec i was ok dont worry

Sorry to be a killjoy but I think it would be very silly of you to consume them both the night before your first Chemo. As such, send them to me and I will dispose of them
humanely for you!

Good luck



Vickie - you mare! You had me going for a second there…lol. Have decided against the wine as not really in the mood, and don’t want to start the day with a headache, but chocs are going down very nicely, thank you all!!

Sophie xxxx

(Not feeling too guilty about it, as choc munching being interspersed with frantic housework activity, when anxious I get a little edgy, so have changed bed, cleaned bathroom, tidied kitchen, cleared dining room table of junk for second time in two days…grr…and all this since 8pm this evening - so must actually have burnt off about 3 million calories, and deserve another chocolate…)

Enjoy those chocs! My taste went for about ten days or so but had mostly come back before next cycle. Chocolate, cups of tea, cake… Stuff them down you now! Sorry for winding you up, well I’m
just saying that really cos actually I made myself laugh!



you are a tonic for everyone. Go girl !!

Sophie - few of us did a very scientific test and found that when on chemo we didn’t get hangovers so hold on to the wine for a few days then go for it. Will be thinking of you

Karen x

Thinking about you this morning Sophie … hope the chocs went down well! xx

Thanks guys - all went well and feeling ok now, five hours after finishing first FEC. Bit woolly headed, and not sure I’d drive now (though immediately post-chemo I was absolutely fine for a good couple of hours).

Thought I’d post now, just in case I feel grotty later xxxxxxxxx

Wine on hold… don’t fancy it tonight anyhow, but did get some Crabbie’s ginger beer… well, ginger is good for nausea, isn’t it? And I might feel sick…

Sophie xx

Spain sounds great for receiving this treatment- I might take some bubbles into hospital for fec2 next week and see what the nurses say about a glass! I think they will have a heart attack lol. Gladd all went well Sophie. week 3 is def back to normal and socialising and eating and drinking week x