advice please..

can anyone tell me how skin mets develop or what they re like, since my first docetaxel 5 wks ago have blotchy marks close by mx scar they are smooth and if it wasnt for seeing them dont feel uncomfortable will show doc next week but just curious.x

Hiya sorry you are worried. I was diagnosed with skin mets last summer within weeks of finishing docetaxel (taxotere). Mine started as a small red patch by mx scar but after a week or so, small hard spots/ nodules started to pop up and it had more of a rash-like appearance. It is very rare to develop skimets during chemo but it is possible (someone at my clinic did mid-chemo whereas mine was as I finished). I would say keep an eye on it and definately show your onc/ surgeon. Ask for anti biotics as it could be a simple skin infection (any pain/ hotness/ swelling?). If antibiotics dont shift it then demand a biopsy as its the only way to know for sure.
My experience was very rare by the way so dont let it freak you out Im sure you are fine.
All the best
Tina x