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My Mum had her third chemo yesterday and stayed in hospital last night. I have had a bug or something and (sorry for the information) was sick sunday night and since have come out in a nasty cold. It’s now been 48 hours since I was sick and my cold is just a head one really, I feel OK today, just like I am getting over one, a bit weak and tired etc. Mum has asked the doctor and she said it would be OK for me to get her from hospital and stay with her today until Friday but I’m concerned I’ll pass it on. Do you think I should be OK now? It’s usually that it’s contageous before it’s come out isn’t it?

Any advice would be great.

Thanks, Michelle x

Hi Michelle

You are welcome to ring our helpline for advice on 0808 800 6000, Mon - Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

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Hi Michelle

I wouldn’t be able to adivise on that, it’s up to the doctors.

I hope your Mum is getting along OK?

Cecelia. x

Hi Michelle,

I’ve just finished chemo (4 x FEC and 4 X taxotere) and have 2 small children. I’ve dealt with my entire family coughing and blowing noses all around me at times, and never caught it. I’ve cleaned up a massive amount of sick (my 5 year old thinks if he clamps his hand over his mouth it won’t come out - so sick everywhere!) and a one runny tum that required throwing my 9 year old’s pajamas away and showering her in the middle of the night! Sorry if this is a a bit graphic, but the point is I never got any of these things. The one time I did get an infection everyone else was healthy!

I was given 2 bits of advice by my Oncologist - first, get on and live life, go on the bus, train etc, go on holiday, eat what you like (provided you aren’t neutropenic, in which case you’re in hospital anyway) but don’t let someone who isn’t a family member in to your home that has a tummy bug. 48 hrs clear of the tummy bug and and your fine.
The second was that if you are scrupulous about hygeine, wash your hands, don’t share glasses, forks etc, then it is actually quite easy not to get a tummy bug.

My mum moved in to look after all of us, and on one occasion was so ill with a cold that she couldn’t get out of bed, and I never got caught it from her, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.