Advice regarding risks of a second primary breast cancer

Dear ladies,

I have just finished all my treatment (with exception of tamoxifen) for a diagnosis of ICD and DCIS . Initial diagnosis April of this year. I’m taking the tamoxifen religiously with few side effects luckily. I never panicked with my first diagnosis and just plodded through rads etc.  I declined chemo which was offered prophylactically as was not needed for treatment. This was only offered because I’m young apparently (Amen to that - at 43 yrs I’ll take that thank you very kindly!) Last week I found a small, hard, painless lump / mass in my right breast (original in left). It feels exactly the same as my original lumps and is in exactly the same place as the IDC tumor. Logic tells me that I’m being histrionic as it is sooo unlikely to be anything heinous, especially when I’m on tamoxifen. If I’m honest think it is more likely to be a fatty collection of chocolate and bailey’s given my diet recently! My B.C. Nurse has been lovely and advised me to tell the oncologist when I see them for routine review next Tuesday. Has anybody else had a similar experience. Can you get  cancer again whilst on tamoxifen and can you get non hormone receptive tumors when your first one was ER+ ??

Hi Page,


Yes, I had a similar experience in June,  just after I’d finished chemo but before I’d begun Anastrazole. I was convinced my ‘good’ boob felt as though it was full of marbles and when I pressed it, it hurt. My onco advised me to contact my BCN and ask for another referral to the clinic. They didn’t do a mammogram as my first after treatment is due in January, but she did a manual exam and I had a scan. 


At the manual exam, the nurse could only find normal breast tissue. Then she asked me to lay on my left (mx side) and she pressed down on my side close to the breast. It hurt so much I almost jumped off the bed. She then said the pain was coming from my ribs (Costo chondritis). The US showed nothing suspicious. I guess the moral of this story is, tell your onco and she/he might advise the same. Even if what you feel is fatty tissue, it will put your mind at rest. 


I too have wondered if you could get non hormone receptive tumours whilst taking a hormone drug. 


Good luck, and best wishes


poemsgalore xx

Dear Paged, if you feel any concerns please contact your BC Nurse and inform her. I found all three Breast Cancers myself and my second primary was in the opposite breast in the exact same place - upper outer quartrant as my first primary and I had chemo and rads and will now be having chemo for a third time as at my first diagnosis I was only 38. We know our bodies best and this Cancer is a Sneaky Customer - so if in doubt seek advise much love B xxx