Advice required - Taxotere & diarrhoea

Apologies for posting such a disgusting subject but I need some direction please.

I have had 3 cycles of FEC T and had my 2nd session of Taxotere on 23rd December.

Today is day 6 and since yesterday I have had severe stomach cramps followed by diarrhoea. I had this during my first session of tax but my oncologist said I had gastroenteritis and that it wouldn’t happen again but it has.

Has anyone else had this? I know I have to eat but very aware of the following circumstances. Thanks in advance for co-operation.

Phone your bcn. I think there will be something you can have to stop the cramps. Try eating bland foods, rice potatoes etc?
X Sarah

There is a thread on this matter, somewhere…–t32492.html

Thank you so much. I don’t feel like I’m going mad now. Really helpful x

Much sympathy!! I remember having the TAX trots about day 5 every cycle. It always started with terrible cramps and feeling faint and in a cold sweat. I felt horribly ill for a while and then after “emptying” sorry TMI, I felt the crisis was over. I spoke to onc and she recommended imodium to calm things down. It seems that a few of us TAXERS have been stricken with this most unwelcome SE. By the time I got to TAX no 3 I was prepared and took residence in the bathroom. I took in drinks, a few magazines, pillows (loo rolls) and the radio. Just ride the storm and soon TAX will be a distant memory. I am now 7 months on and so glad to be out the other side.x

i had 3 fec and tax my finished jan 2011, but had terrible diarreoa and my oncolgist said it was the chemo but now its gone but i do still get some cramps sometimes but i also have irittible bowl as well hope this helps x x

I went into hospital today and spent 6 hours waiting for a DR but that’s another story.

I was discharged with Codeine and a stools sample bottle to return…can’t wait for that! They have managed to get me in to see my Oncologist on Tuesday and I feel so much better that I can talk to him before my 3rd Taxotere session.

I suspect no alterations will be made and resigned myself to it happening all over again but I know I’m no going insane now and it is chemo related. The hospital explained although not a common side effect it can occur.

Thank you all - so glad this website is here!

I had terrible cramps and diarrhoea with my first tax. I was prescribed Loperamide. it worked wonders. They did check I hadn’t picked up a bug or something, first.
I still had some cramping for the second and third tax, but nothing worse than some looseness … and wind!
Please ask your onc for some Loperamide. It’s known that tax affects the whole of the digestive tract.
I also found that I had low blood pressure and a fast heart rate when on Tax.

My last tax was March 17th and I feel fit and well now. You will get there. xx

The link eltiks posted was started by me and I highly recommend imodium plus - it stopped the cramping pains within 10 mins and diahorrea within 30. Don’t suffer like I did, it was grim xxx

Hi all,

I saw my oncologist today and tests have shown I have an allergy against taxotere.

The oncologist explained that it’s not a blood type allergy as the diarrhoea would present itself immediately, i.e. Day 1 of the chemo cycle. The allergy lies within my stomach/bowel and therefore takes long to show itself…usually Day 4/5.

It’s quite rare to have such an allergy however not unknown.

Immodium/Loperamide did not help at all and the oncologist explained that it wouldn’t help as this was an allergy. Immodium/Loperamide would have helped if this was a bug or a common side effect.

Codene was also prescribe for me and this did help however if I was to have taxotere again my body would react exactly again…Day 4 to approx Day 10 I would have violent diarrhoea, cramps, sweats etc.

I can’t have taxotere again and have been reverted back to Fec-T for my last cycle next week.

Thank you all for your contribution and support and I hope this thread helps others in the future. x