advice Just wanted to talk really . My sister inlaw died yesterday after 5 yrs fighting this awfull disease . I have had breast cancer my self (14 yrs ago now) and am brca 1 . my mum also brca 1 has secondary liver and is responding well to her treatment at moment. Needless to say the family is devistated she was only 45 and leaves 2 girls 18 and 20 . problem I guess im having is I feel guilty at being here when she s not I know if I was giving some one advice id say not to be daft but i cant help it . Any advicehow to deal would be appreciated

Dear Vivian Dear Vivian

We at Breast Cancer Care would also like to extend our sympathies and thoughts to you and your family at this sad time.

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Vivian I understand how your feeling as i lost my friend to BC in February…I even feel guilty when i talk to her husband and children…she left 2 daughters behind aged 13 and 17…and her mum died from this disease 4 years ago…she was an only child.
But I know that she wouldn’t want me to feel guilty…and her husband and children aren’t the kind of people to resent anyone.
Its made me more determined to do the things i want to do because she was so strong and carried on fighting til the end…i don’t think its unusual to have these feelings when we lose someone to BC.
My condolences to you and your family.