Hi, I had my slnb 5 weeks ago. No real problems until yesterday when I woke up with a sore underarm, bingo wing area and in the armpit. I took a couple of painkillers which helped. I have noticed today a piece of white cotton hanging out from incision area. Strange as it was glued. Of course it’s the weekend and who to call lol. I am due to go in for surgery on Wednesday. Do you think it can wait till then?

Hi Kentstar


Why do these things happen at the weekend! It doesn’t sound right at all. If it were me I would go down to a and e to get them to have a look tomorrow rather than wait till Wednesday.


Hope it’s ok.



Thank you Mary. I am going to call doctor in morning for out of hours appointment. Although I don’t want the surgery on Wednesday equally I don’t want it postponed because of possible infection.x

Just for info for others it was a dissolvable stitch that had worked its way out. Apparently this is a common occurence for any operation and the advice was if it happens again wait as it will dissolve, unless it’s catching or causing problems then get it seen to. X