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Advise on private surgeon please…


Hi, I’m Sian and new to this forum. I am 36, got diagnosed with grade 3/ER6 BRCA and had a left side mastectomy back in 2015 with immediate reconstruction. Sadly my body rejected my implant throughout my chemo so my implant ended up being removed. My then surgeon left the skin and nipple in so my plastic surgeon could potentially work with this during my reconstruction.

I have had a year’s recovery post chemo/radio as instructed, so I met with a plastic surgeon through the NHS this week and left really freaked out and scared. I am due the FLAP operation which I understand. But because I still have a lot of skin left, along with my nipple that was left by my previous surgeon, I would like to get a second opinion and explore potential alternatives with a private surgeon. Another reason is the NHS waiting list is another 40 weeks and I feel like I have waited long enough now so would rather spend the money and go private.

I am London based. Can anyone give me any advice or suggest a good plastic surgeon?

Thanks xx


Hi Sian


what has scared you about the flap operation.  There are several types so which one was suggested for you.  I had mastectomy in September 2014 and delayed TUG flap reconstruction October 2016 at East Grinstead hospital.  I can honestly say that I had no pain what so ever and went home after 2 nights in hospital on paracetamol.  I did have a few problems with my leg scar healing but after 6 weeks was back to work.  I am delighted with my new boobie which is warm, squashy and will age with me.  I will have my remaining breast reduced and uplifted to match in April.  Like you I wanted everything done immediately but have learnt to be patient and not let me stop living my life. If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them. X

Hi Sian


There are lots of positives to look at here even though the DIEP flap sounds terrifying - it is not as bad as you may think. Your surgeon left your skin and nipple intact so it maybe that he is planning on the plastic surgeon operating through a previous scar or through the nipple itself so no stretching of skin to accomodate the reconstruction to be concerned about. Whether your plastic surgeon intends to make this the same size as your remaining breast or whether a mastopexy will be required to match the remaining breast to your reconstruction will I’m sure have been discussed. As you are London based you will likely have an extensive choice of plastic surgeons but a recommendation is always good to have.

A google search of the plastic surgeons at your hospital may indicate if any of them also practise privately (many do!) which may help in bringing the date forward if you plan on going privately.

For obvious reasons you may find that the moderators will not allow people to post surgeons’ names here unless they private message you.

I hope you can sort this soon - the whole BC thing can drag on interminably when you hit problems along the way.

Good luck!

Hello SIan

Yes the NHS is a JOKE, I have been waiting for a year to have these dreadful implants removed, I still have not heard from the surgeon I saw 6 weeks ago, he is retiring and was contacting a colleague on my behalf.   I would definitely have a second opinion, BUT what do you want do you want implants or a flap?   I have a LIST of private surgeons, ask and I will provide info.   I am going to BELGIUM where they ONLYdo diep