afraid and awaiting surgery

Hello Everyone


I found a strange area in my breast in March and i have just been diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive ductal cancer appearing 2cm just over. ER pos and HER2 neg. on examination by ultrasound my lymph nodes appeared clear so i didnt have any biopsy on them. I have surgey booked 19th July WLE and SLNB.


I am really worried about spread. in the period leading up to this and in the next 3 weeks. Can they see that on the US if the cancer has been in the nodes? Am i being massively paranoid about it running riot in my body over the next weeks or the last couple of months. I also suffer from health anxiety so am not allowed the acceptance of its all just going to happen!


Thanks in advance



Hi there and welcome. You will find lots of support here from a group of fabulous people. 


I won’t be the first person to tell you that EVERYONE worries about spread at this stage while they are waiting for surgery or the next round of results. Every ache and pain is analysed and, in the vast majority of cases, misinterpreted as spread. So, yes, you probably are being massively paranoid but it’s hardly surprising as it’s a hugely stressful time and you are, I can assure you, in good company when it comes to worrying.


There is no 100 per cent guarantee that there won’t be any node involvement until after your surgery but the ultra sound is probably a good indication and anyway even if there is any spread to nodes that’s what they are there for, to capture any baddies and contain them from spreading further. I had one node affected but am now 17 months post-treatment and doing great. And don’t worry that things are going to spread further in the weeks you are waiting for your surgery - it just doesn’t happen as fast as that.


Honestly, this is the worst bit, waiting for things to get going. You are going to be fine even if you don’t feel like that now.


Let us know how you get on.


Ruth xx



I want to totally echo what Peggycat has posted to you because it says it all.  One thing you will always have is us lot behind you whenever you need us


Sending you a lovely hug


Helena xxxx

Unajoya, two very sensible responses on here, so not much more to add. The US showed my lymph nodes were involved, so they have done their job of preventing the spread . After your op you will have a CT scan to double check. I know where you’re coming from at this point in time, but it is best to keep busy planning for the future when you have finished treatment. You will get there, Unajoy, but it is a marathon and not a sprint. So, big deep breaths, girl, and just take one step at a time. All the very best for your treatment. We’re here when you need us. X

Hi All and thanks for your replies. They are very reassuring. I honestly don’t know if I’m Arthur or Martha at the moment and spend all my time swinging between being really positive and abject panic. It’s bloody awful.

I guess what will be will be. I just wish I could stop worrying.


Unjoya, the anxiety monster does quieten down, the early days of diagnosis are the pits.
They can see if the nodes are affected on ultrasound, I was told it was 75% accurate, but this can only be confirmed post surgery.
Mine were clear on ultrasound & so it proved post surgery - WLE & SNB.
Even if node involvement is found after surgery, not picked up on US, I have read that the latest evidence suggests that it does not necessarily affect the prognosis, so, anyway, its good your nodes are clear on US.
take care
ann x

If it’s any consolation my USS showed by nodes were normal and they were after surgery x

Thanks guys…really appreciate it xxxxx

I’m trying to be as upbeat as possible. I’m moving house as well…it never rains right!