After 2 separate reconstructions

i have had bc twice.   Had two separate reconstructions in 2001 and 2015 both with chemo.    I’m still anxious that I may hv a recurrence elsewhere though I had both ct and Miri scans before chemo.   I’m not brca but am her2 so having herceptin till June and am on tamoxifen for 10 years.     Does anyone think I should be having any further checks ?  The oncology team discharged me saying just come bac if I hv any problems and didn’t think removing my ovaries necessary.   Your opinions appreciated. X

Hi Helen know just how you feel. I was grade 3 & HER2+ & didn’t get the MRI or CT to check for spread. I would rather know if it has spread because we would change how we live. I questioned this & told no scans because had clear nodes/no vascular involvement but I have read that there are likely to be microscopic cells around the body. They said the chemo should pick them up (note should rather than will!). If you think of anything we should be doing please do post. Hard luck getting it twice. Was this a recurrence or new primary? xx

Dear Helen


It does seem really bad luck but 14 years apart these really are likely to be two seperate events, not a recurrance.  I didn’t have CT or MRI as i was having chemo first before surgery to shrink a 6.5cm tumour and then full node clearance.  On pathology it was in 1/23 nodes, no evidence of response in other nodes and no vascular invasion.  I know all units are different but my oncologist discharges after treatment and the follow up is with the Surgeon… This was scary, particularly with no scans which i did query.


I have annual mammogram to left side and visual / physical check on reconstructed right side.  The Consultant looks at all upper body node areas, spine area and under breasts etc


I have just received my third all clear mammogram result and am 3.1/2 years on from diagnosis.


Good luck with the rest of your treatment.  Take Care  Butterfly. x