After a good start it all went pear-shaped

After a good start it all went pear-shaped

After a good start it all went pear-shaped Hello to all and I hope I find you in good spirits. I have had a nightmare since my last posting. I got a Staph Aureus infection which entered the wound via the drain site and has caused massive cellulitis around the incision site. I had felt some very strange rippling sensations under my skin after being discharged and now know that this was probably the bacterial enzymes digesting my tissue which is why the drain fluid started to look like string all the way down the tubes. I had to go back in for the best part ot 5 days and was pumped full of so much flucloxacillin that I’m surprised I had any blood left!!! My temperature hit almost 40C one night and I felt really listless and rotten. It took the best part of 3 days before the infection started to subside and once home I had to take 2g/day of fluclox for another week - the tablets smell like old engine sump oil and taste the same as they smell, ugh!! All the infection has gone now but I’ve been left with long lines of lumps of rock hard skin around what would have been an almost un-noticable scar had the healing gone to plan. Has anybody experienced this and does the cellulitis ever completely disappear because at the moment I look like an escapee from the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I’m going for my permanent prosthesis fitting soon and wonder if the lumps will affect this. Wearing a bra is very uncomfortable as the sides press on the lumpy tissue which is still tender and feels like a bruise does. As you can imagine I am somewhat fed up and am having some horrendous sorry for myself days. I’m off to cheer myself up by looking at flight prices to Turkey as I am hoping to go on holiday with a friend in Sept. I’m trying to keep positive so kind regards to all.

Hi Redvixon

Sorry to hear you had such arough time after your op, though I can for once imagine excatly how you felt! I had the same 3 days post Mastectomy and ended up on the ward for 11 days in all before it improved enough for the drain to come out! It stank and made awful noises when I moved or breathed in & out, all in all not a nice thing.

Mine was Staph Aur as well, I am sure it is because they gave me a carrier bag to put my drains in. One day the bag get wet and was turned inside out, there was all this earth in the bottom and bits of plant… I hadn’t thought to look inside when I was given it, I guess someone had bought plants and carried them in it at some point??? Anyway I’m going to highlight this to my team when I see them next as I think they should provide clean unused bags for drains, they are just encourgaing infections using such bad practice. I worked on a surgucal ward for many years and all our drains went into special bags.

The hard feeling along the scar took about 8 weeks to fully disappear and I have to admit it was well over 3 months before my prosthesis was fitted - I think I’ve worn it twice since I got it. My scar is ok now though.

Good luck.

Lynn x