after effects of radiation therapy

after effects of radiation therapy

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after effects of radiation therapy has anyone had major breast problems after rads? I finished
my course on the 31st Jan, 2006 and understood that the radiation
could carry on working for several more weeks.
I have spasmodic pain sometimes for days on end, then suddenly
nothing, but the pain comes and goes. I have seen my breast care
nurse who advises that all the symptons are normal but i find them
very worrying. The skin on my breast sometimes feel like old leather
and is very hard, at other times it appears quite normal. I do
appear to have gotten lots of stretch marks something which i never had with any of my pregnancies, has anyone else had this problem.
I am so happy to have this site to put my worries to. My sister, also
my rock has been registered on my behalf for some months and
she has put many of my worries forward and received some very
positive feed back. thanks to all who take the time to respond,
look forward to receiving your reply.
regards gillya

after effects of breast radiation my bosom inflated to three times the size of the other one, it’s still considerably larger. My radiation treatment ended 19 April 2004, I also have stretch marks but these pre-dated radiotherapy and were caused by a wound infection to my breast which delayed radiotherapy. My skin isn’t like old leather - it is like new tanned leather. the upside is that I never get spots on it, as all the fat glands have packed up. So I now have one spotty but healthy boob and one spotless leathery unhealthy one.

But I am still alive


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