after mastectomy

this is my first time on the site, my brother found it for me (bless). My name is Sue, I’m 27 and live in Yorkshire and had a left mastectomy and lymph nodes removed on 14th August this year. I’m due to start my first Chemo session on 12th Sept then radio, then Tamoxifen. Still a little sore and swollen (again) so off back to see the nurse tomorrow, feels like i’m growing my own!!

I have a 2 year old daughter and have just moved in with my sister, (long story), but i’m feeling quite positive about it all and just take each day as it comes.

Talk to you all soon hopefully

Sue :slight_smile:


Hi Sue

Sorry you have had to join us on this forum, but you will find some wonderful friendships and support that will help you through this horrid journey. Have to ask where abouts in Yorkshire are you, as was bought up in North Yorkshire, near Pickering, but left there back in 1985.

Good luck with your first chemo session on 12th, and try not to worry. I had my first session on 8 August and it was not half as bad as I had feared or worried about. I have not had any side effects really, just the hair loss which started last week, and I had it shaved off on Friday night. Very emotional that was I can say, but am now getting use to it. I had my 2nd chemo last week too and still no side effects. Taking all my anti sickness tablets as told and they are working. I am on FEC x 3 and Taxotere x 3 then probably Herceptin. I am 39 years old and have a daughter who will be 4 in December and a 9 month old boy. Unfortunately we had a double whammy of having been dx with bc and then told had gone to my liver as well. But we are doing OK and fighting back tenfold!!!

You will get so much help on here from others in the same or very similar position as you. I have not had surgery due to the spread, but we all help support each other. So come here as mcuh as you like and you can cry, scream, rant, rave, laugh, whatever takes your fancy and someone will always be here with you.

Take care and let us know how you are.


Dear Sue, just read this and glad (not the right word) to find someone who’s in a very similar situation to mine! I’m 33, had my mastectomy (left) on 23rd Aug, not sure when I start chemo but seeing the consultant on 11th. I’m herceptin -ve so will only be taking tamoxifen.

I’ve got a 23 month old and a 5 month old and if you read my earlier posts your find out that I’m going to be moving house on 21st!!!

Saying that, I’m coping ok with the loss of my breast but the biggest fear is my hair after chemo. Let me know how you get on with it. Are you going to try the cold cap?

Good luck with it all,

Fi x

Hi Dawn & Fi x
Thanks for all your comments, makes me feel welcome, i’m off back to see the nurse today, i’ve got quite a bit of swelling across my chest and under my armpit, been drained twice already which is the only problem really, it’s not too bad as I’m still numb but its uncomfortable more than anything. I’m not too worried about the chemo, apart from the hair loss, gunna definately give the cold cap a try but i was wondering if i could try some false eyelashes any ideas lol. Still waiting to see if I need to have herceptin, probably a couple of weeks or so for the results but I’ll try anything to stop it coming back! Gotta have chemo for 8 sessions, same one as you Dawn ( I think ) but i doubt i’ll be working throughout, gunna rest while i can.

Anyway, hope everything goes well,

Talk to you soon

Lv Sue


Hi Sue

Just to let you know, I have my eyelashes waiting. Got them from, and although american, very fast delivery. Got couple of little pink hats too for indoors (my 3 yr old is a pink fanatic). I do not work anyway, as been a house mummy for 3 years now.

Anyway, good luck and keep us posted.

Take care

Sue I am sorry that you have had to join us, but this is a very supportive place and I do not know what I would of done without it.
I was diagnosed with grade 1 invasive ductal but since WLE and SNB this has been changed to grade 3 and surronding DCIS. All invasive gone but 1 of the margins still has DCIS so going in for mast. = or- recon end of sept and aux. clearance as SNB showed positive. Chemo starting end of Oct.
We will help each other through this. Like many of us I have two young children who to be honest are what is getting me through this.

Take Care


Hi Sue,

I’m so sorry you’ve had to join us but ‘welcome’ to this most wonderful site. I was diagnosed in March, age 34, and have found it a godsend ever since!! I had a right mastcetomy and total axillary clearance a week after diagnosis. I’ve since started chemo, and am due to finish next month! Then its rads, hormones and Herceptin for me! Phew!!!

I wish you well as you start this journey. Personally I knew v.little about bc prior to diagnosis and it has been a VERY steep learning curve for me and those closest to me. All the best for your first chemo session on weds. You’re in good company as I am also having chemo on Weds, so I’ll certainly be thinking of you.

Take care and be sure to keep in touch,


Hey chica
I was dx last december…seems a lifetime ago now. Im 30 and live in staffordshire. Ive completed my chemo and halfway through rads and taking tamoxifen wooohooo. It seems like its going to last forever when you first start…but it does fly by honest.
Keep your sense of humour about you…it works wonders. Silly things can become highly amusing, but you will soon figure that out…ive got a few ladies convinced (very gullable ones to) that the tamoxifen will turn me into a bloke…oh dear how much fun did I have with that one. Ask a silly question…with me…your liable to get a very silly answer…especially when asked…so if they are switching off your hormones…does that mean you will grow facial hair…hmmmm oh yeah got to shave my face every day, hubby goes mad…my adams apple is going to get bigger and my voice is going to drop…am looking forward to the chest hair though…i had a field day!
Keep your chin up…it doesnt last forever…honest

Hello again, just had my first chemo today, not half as bad as i thought until she told me i had to keep my cold cap on for another 2 hours!! It was cold but just about bearable, so I’m definately gunna keep trying it. Next apointment is 3rd October. I don’t feel too bad actually, no sickness as yet but I only finished it 5 hours ago so may feel different later once my anti sickness drugs wear off but i’ve got a supply with me just in case lol :). Thanks for the website for my eyelashes Dawn, i’ll have a look later (strangely enough I seem to be more busy since my diagnosis which is a good thing as it keeps my mind occupied, oh and my little girl does too bless her). She understands mammys got a poorly booby (or boobit as she calls it) and blows kisses to it all the time as well as having a look. By the way I live in Hemsworth which is near Pontefract in West Yorkshire I forgot to mention before, my memory’s like a sieve at the best of times ha ha :).

Thanks a lot to everyone, its nice to know there is all this support out there and i’ll keep in touch when i can…

lotsa love


Hi Zannet

I am 33 and have a 2 year old boy. Just wanted to reassure you that he has been fine with the hair loss and I need not have worried about that for him. I spoke about it from time to time in advance to tell him that the medicine was going to make my hair fall out and then he saw when it was happening. He watched my husband shave it off and helped tidy up. He had fun!


Hi Zannet

I also have a 3 yr old and 10 month old and my daughter who is 3 was fine when had my hair shaved off. She watched it too. But she “loves mummys new hair” and likes my little hats. Doesn’t actually seem to notice half the time, more resilient than we think. Like Sinclair I told her mummy is poorly and will lose her hair, and she has been brilliant I have to say. Think too young to really understand and just took all in her stride.

Good luck and take care