after mx

hi everyone,

I was just wondering has anyone got anything but a flat chest after having had their mx,

I have got what I can only describe as a swelling it feels like breast tissue and is about half the size of an orange,its my right side and this swelling is level with my armpit,but at the front difficult to describe sorry

I have been assured it is nothing to worry about and it will most probably go down in time, I had my mx November last year, and this it is still the same now as it was then,

I was just always under the assumption that I would just be flat, it is almost unsightly and I am not comfortable with it,

I was wondering if it had been left for a reason maybe.

best wishes Liz xxx

Hi Liz

I had left mx beginning of january 11 and had seroma which was drained once during chemo. My chest is not flat enough to enable me to look down and see the scar, which is still obscured by the swelling still there above it (think remains of seroma which I am happy to let absorb in own time).

Before the swelling happened a few weeks after mx, there was some excess skin (almost mini cleavage) on the inner aspect of the scar which will remain until any further op, either tidy up or recon.

I get the impression, looking at other ladies experiences, that it takes quite some time to achieve flatness

Karen x

Hi Karen,

thanks for the re-assurance, I also had a small seroma which was drained, this is different, but I will keep an eye on it and keep pestering onc and surgeon until I get the answer I want to hear, hopefully in the meantime it will go down, as you say over a period of time hopefully my chest will go flat,

best wishes liz xxxx

Hi Liz, I’m not flat after nearly 4 months, and have one lump in my armpit which was a seroma and one near my sternum, plus a slight bluge along the whole thing where the bottom of my breasts was. I asked my surgeon to leave me as flat as possible, but they do often leave skin so that they can do a recon at a later date. Is this what you have? I’d speak to the bcn about it and ask, plus it sounds as though you need reassurance in any case!

hi Liz
had my mx march and was left with a ridge of flesh and slight selling on the inneraspect of the wound.I had said I wanted a recon straight away but wasnt able to have this.I was told that the scar with ridge would help the recon . I now have an encapsulated seroma wich gives me a “mini breast”.This rises up and down at different times of the day. My PS said we would leave it until the recon -said that this was very common.
hope this helps
D x