after operation for DCIS

hi new to this site i had my operation yesterday 27/11/12 for DCIS went in at 7am i had to have a tracer wire put in first,i was dreading it ,i had already had a biospy which hurt like hell . so was worried about the tracer wire,i was put at ease by the staff and ended up having to have another tracer wire in as the first one was not in the right place i felt like i had enough, inside i was screaming go away leave me alone the doctor was very good explained everythink to me, then i waited my turn for my op 2pm i went to theatre i just wanted the op done was brought back on ward at 5pm was so relieved my op was over i was able to go home at 7pm i was so glad to b home i slept ok. today i have a dull ache in my right boob now im awaitlng the results will get them dec 13th hoping they got it all anybody in same situation x

Hi flapper and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and shared experiences, please also feel free to call our helpline to talk any concerns over on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays

I am posting a link to the DCIS information from BCC which you may find useful:

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thank you for the link i had read a lot of the booklets learnt a bit more xx

hi i dont no if im doing somethink wrong as i had no replys to my post

Hi Flapper

You are doing it right don’t worry, it’s just that some threads are quieter than others, it depends who is posting and whether it’s relevant to them, someone will be along soon with support for you I’m sure

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Hi Flapper. I’m one of those people who has read the forum since I was diagnosed with 5cm high grade DCIS with microinvasion in my left breasst in September and gained loads of help from the amazing posts here - but only been a lurker.
I’m 2 weeks post op for a therapeutic mammoplasty; of all the procedures I’ve undergone in the last few months, the only one that came anywhere near to freaking me out was the guide wires insertion the day before my operation. I was so appreciative of the care that was taken over me, but by the time it was take 3 for the second wire and then another mammogram and tiny blood vessels bursting (again) - I was a tiny bit fed up.
Hope you get good results. In so many ways I’ve been one of the lucky ones; clear, wide margins and a breast half the size of what it was but which looks pretty good (even if it feels weirdly hard at the moment), and all 3 nodes clear. Seeing the oncologist tomorrow, but I’m almost sure that I’ll decline radiotherapy this time.
My personal experience was that the breast care nurses and my surgeon were fantastic, allowing loads of time for questions and support during diagnosis- but once the operation was done, I felt as if I was on my own, wondering if it’s normal to be numb uner my armpit and breast, and react so badly to the waterproof dresssings.
Good luck.

Hi Flapper, my DCIS journey is slightly different from yours, in that I had a masectomy early November. I didn’t have the wire, the biopsy was the nightmare for me. I stayed overnight after my masectomy, and thought I should have stayed longer, but surgeon had my drains out and I was sent home!NHS cuts I presume It is a very scary time waiting for the results after the op and you’ll probably have aches and pains for a while yet, but it does ease off in time.
Fingers crossed for clear nodes and margins.
Jac x

  • hi thank you chive and jacx for ur replys, im awaiting for my results from the op, its a long wait ur mind plays overtime hoping and preying they got it all . my breast feels ok not sore very itchey, im not on pain killers any more they made me feel very sick, im exercising my arm doing odd jobs around the house its been a week since my op and the only thing that makes me shudder was the biospy i had to have before my op that hurt like hell ,the tracers wernt so bad , the staff were amazing very nice kept me going when i could of ran of and hid were they couldnt find me yet im so grateful for them finding my DCIS and acting so quickly hoping my margins are clear thank u chive and jacx good luck to u both flapper xxx

Hi Flapper, I sympathise with you on the waiting for results. I had my SLNB on the 26th Novand I get the results at 8pm tonight. I have never felt so scared in my life, this situation is occupying my brain 24/7 100%. Praying the nodes are clear I will then be having a MX and reconstruction. You sound like you are making good recovery from the op when do you get your results? Good luck keep positive and heal well both mentally and physically. Sending a big hug xxxxx

hi cheryl17 thank you for ur reply my results are Dec 13th i thought after the operation that was it job done didnt realise i had to go back for results i try not to think about it dont no how il b on the day i didnt have anythink done under my arm surgeon said they removed milk duct and surrounding tissue and it went ok i left hospital 2hours after my op i had to get out of there in my mind once i was at home they couldnt get to my boob poor boob it had gone though enough[2 wires and op] its been 10 days since op im feeling ok my boob itiches but no pain im very lucky hoping i dont have to go though anymore wont no till result day i wont let it occupying my mind cause it drives u crackers hope all went well for u let me no ur results big hug flapper xxx

Thankfully my nodes were clear. So I am now booked in for a mastectomy and reconstruction on the03rd Jan. like you I am trying to get it out of my head so I can think about Christmas but it is so difficult. I now need to decide do I go for implants or LD flap. I was all for the implants as it seems to be a more easier route, quicker recovery etc., but the consult thinks I wouldbe better with the LD flap and listed why! I will decide next week, but still find myself thinking and worrying about it 24/7. Good luckwith the results on the 13th. Fingerscrossed and bighugs.

Nearly Cheryl, my ops on Thursday, scared to death

hi cheryl17 glad to hear nodes are clear i would like to no what is a LD flap ?xxxflapper

Lizzie2707 the waiting is the worst and just seems to go on and on and on. Praying for good news for you. What part of the journey are you at? Xxxxx

Hi flapper, my understanding is (i am not a medical person) a LD flap is where they take the muscle tissue and fat from the lattissmus Dorsi muscle (back under the shoulder blade) and re transplant it without disconnecting the blood flow to make a breast mound, this acts as your implant with the help of a small silicone implant in some cases. Rcovery is alittle longer than the standard implant route but can have good results. Big hugs and positive thoughts for the 13th xxxxx

hi cherly17 wow that sounds a mouth full thanks for explaining LDflap didnt realise what was involed as for not being a medical person u sound like u understand whats going on , have u decided on what you are going to do hoping u are ok and sending a big hug flapper xx

Hi, I had 3 biospies done, one positive 2 benign, then had a wire fitted on the 27th, operation done on 28th at 4.00 pm and now like you I am sitting and waiting, I havent recieved a date for the results yet so I came back to work taday but not sure that I am in the right place. I will keep my fingers crossed for you if you could do the same? Take good care of yourself and give yourself a big hugXX

hi deb2307 the waitings a pain i got my appoinment to return for my results after my op when i left the hospital then 4 days later they sent a letter confirming the 13th ive felt ok since my op , ,the thought of going bk unsettles me and my right boobs gone in to hiding lol, im taking my daughters with me tomorrow for moral support i want to go bk work i miss work, i carnt go back untill my results are in and i no whats happening so another wk of daytime telly gets boring after 2 wks of it , when you said your back to work but not sure your in the right place ,do u mean work, if so u might of gone back to early we need time to recover for what we have been though, like i said i feel ok back to normal, no pain ,twinges now and again but i can cope with them i gave up on my pain killers 3 days after my op they made me feel sick so they went in the bin it helped me not having painkillers because it made me slow down and rest and take things easier instead of running around like a blue arse fly each day i did a bit more ,all of a sudden im doing what ive always done im now going to hire my self a suit of armour to wear tomoz so they carnt get me boob they will need a tin opener lolxx keep ur chin up fingers crossed for u big hug flapper xxx

Hi Flaaper, I only got my hosp appoint yesterday and it is for tomorrow, so hopefully the 13th will be kind to us both. Monday was my worst day, emotionally, it was the anniversary of my mum’s death, (breast cancer) so it all got a bit to much and although I didnt do much work my staff were brillant. Some time back I had keyhole surgery on my knee and I am trying to treat this as if it is the same, if I do what they tell me it will all get better and I can get on with my life, just every now again other thoughts creep in. I am going on my own, I have done this with all the other appointments, my husband gets very emotional and my girls live in the west country. I find this works for me. I came back to work coz I was bored and being the boss when I feel I have had enough I go home, it also has given me something else to think about, 700 prisoners who all think their problems are more important than yours lol.
Anyway best of luck for tomorrow XXXX

hi deb2307 il agree with thoughts creeping in i just want tomoz over with , then hopfully i can carry on best of luck tomoz for u as well boss lol flapper xx