after rads...

I am 10 weeks post rads after WLE and SNB, I was wonderding how others feel after rads.
Do any of you have sore ribs, below the breast that was zapped, feels bruised. The breast feels different, this I expected.
Another thing that bothers me is that I read somewhere that you should not lose weight after your rads planning session because it can affect your rads treatment with the lining up for zapping etc. I lost a lot of weight during that time, no one told me that it was someting to be concerned about.

Hi Alice

I had very similar treatment to you. WLE (no nodes removed) and rads that finished about 7 weeks ago. I can definitely relate to the bruised feeling in the ribs. I am still very tender in this area and not sure whether it is the rads or the surgery to blame. The trouble is because rads dont hurt when being administered, we think of them as mild. My son had rads when two to his kidney area and you should see the state of his ribs and breast bone, muscle etc now 14 years later, so they are very damaging, although they cured the cancer which is priority.

As for the weight loss, I havent heard that before. When I was lined up, they tattooed me on my breast bone and on the side, How much weight did you lose?


Hi - I’m only a week after rads (25 plus 5 boosters), like you my ribs below my breast feels bruised (only when I press it though!). I wouldn’t worry about having lost weight while you were having the rads, I can’t imagine it could have made that much difference as the tattoos for the lining up are on areas that don’t have much fat on them - at least mine are. My shape changed quite a lot because I had a collection of fluid in my breast which was drained, but no one seemed concerned about it. If you are worried then a quick call to the radiotherapy department should help. Good luck and hope you are feeling OK in yourself. Are you on hormones now, or are you done? Sarah

Hi Alice,

I,m 5 months post Rads after WLE and Chemo. My skin is still a little discoloured and dry but not sore.
My scar is still quite hard and tender. But I do have a sore bit in my rib just to the side of my affected breast , I mentioned this to the Onc this week and she was not concerned. I suppose that I would have been zapped in that area too so I may be the Rads.
I was told not to lose weight during rads as the dots need to be right. I think that yours may not have moved significantly enough to cause a problem. I,m sure that your breast would have still been zapped fully. I think the main thing during Rads planning is to try and miss your organs so that they are not zapped too. I think that they caught a bit of my lung as I have a shadow that has been checked out and is nothing serious.

Hope I have been a little help to you.
Love Andrea xx

I finished my rads at the end of April and I still find that my poorly boob is a bit tender at times. I have a large lump of scar tissue behind my surface scar (WLE and node sampling) and this goes very hard at times - my lump was on the outer edge of my boob and high up so the scar runs along the top of my boob and into my armpit.

I still get tired easily and I still get some pain down my arm - that nasty stingy nerve pain is the worst.

I was never told about not losing weight during rads, but it was not an issue with me as my weight has been very stable since dx. During my 6+ weeks of rads I had an x-ray taken every week so they could check the measurements etc and I understand this to be standard practice, I think if they had been concerned about the lining up due tot he weight loss they would have mentioned it.

Hi ladies
Good to hear that the rib soreness seems to be common, assume something not to worry about ! Cathy you are right we forget that rads quite a harsh treatment, it must have been really tough on your son (and you). Yes I am on Tamoxifen Sarah, started just before rads.
I had three tattoos for lining up one on each side of rib cage and the third in the middle, so not much flesh there. I never communicated much with rads teams during treatment, so never asked. I am sure my breast was fully zapped, I was concerned that maybe due to weight loss other bits may have neen zapped that should not have been. Cathy not sure exactly how much I lost over that period, maybe 10lbs. In fact lost two and a half stone since all this began at the start of the year.

I am now 19 weeks post rads following a mastectomy but no chemo.
There was a stage when the whole rib area was very sore and tender around the front and back.
I decided to massage every bit that was sore, twice a day rather than just the surgery area and to stretch as much as possible especially where it was sore and tight. Affected arm over head into side bend type movements and hold for about 20 seconds. As physio said ‘stretch into discomfort but not pain’
I think it is mostly scar tissue, if you think what the skin on the surface looks like you can imagine it underneath.
Great fun, but it seems to have worked.
I still put on Aqueous cream twice a day and massage with small circular movements any lumpy bumpy areas, and now do an hour and a half of yoga at a weekly class to keep stretching the area so it doesn’t tighten.
Still go braless at times around the house as there is less flesh on the mastectomy side and so the little that is there can get pushed against the ribsand feel sore.
Hope some of this is reassuring / helpful

to pick up on Magsi’s comment about looking at the state of the skin and relating this to the insides - that’s basically what my rads team said, whatever damage was seen on the skin was the same as the tissues underneath and also not to forget that the surgeon had also been in there hvaing a good guddle about!

2 months post rads and my poorly boob is still a different colour to the other one - a bit like a lopsided tan.

I also do the massage thing with the aqueous cream and it does help - I do my entire rib area on that bad side cos I have the added issue of having had lung sugery on that side years back… come to think of it most of my health problems have been on that side so it might be easier if they just cut my in half and chuck the right side away lol.