After rads???/

Can anyone outline what the general plan of action is after rads have finished? I know I will see the onc ppl again and fingers crossed they will tell me that all is fine, the zapping has done the job and send me on my merry way for a while.

How do they know that it’s worked ? I’ve read that they don’t do routine mamos cos they would not give an accurate picture so what do they do?

Hi Lilacblushes
Its strange when you finish your Rads because you have probably had an endless rounds of surgery, and treatments for the last few months and then you feel that you are on your own in limbo. Thats how I felt anyway, I also thought what do I do now? has it gone? do I just try to get on with my life? How do I know if it comes back?

I dont know if your follow-ups depend on your DX. I had invasive grade 2, er pos with 1 node. Lumpectomy, chemo and rads. It may also depend on your health authority( I,m in Durham ), But my Onc sees you 3 months after your rads end and then every 3 months for a year. I,m also due a mammogram in June which will be 1 year after my DX.

Also I mentioned that I was worried about it coming back and what should i look out for. She said any ache or pain or headache or cough that doesnt go away after 2 weeks should be investigated. My First follow up was 2 weeks ago and she also examined my whole chest, armpit and neck area and declared everything fine.

I didnt come on here until after my rads because of the Limbo feeling. I have had lots of support and been cheered up by some funny stories on here but also lots of scary stories have sometimes made me feel worried. How about you?

love Andrea x

My DX was Jan 2008 and I had WLE with node sampling - 16mm Grade 1 no lymph nodes involved but intermammory node affected er+. The intermammory one threw up a question mark for chemo but the clever doctors had a lengthy discussion and decided chemo was not necessary… this sort of concerned me at the time as I felt they were taking away one of my weapons but they re-assured me that the 30 rads and the 5 years of tamoxifen would do the job.

I’m now 12 rads sessions to go and sort of anticipating the in limbo stage … I can totally go with you on that score. As long as I am ‘in treatment’ I kind of feel safe. The only thing that has concerned me along this journey is how they know it’s gone … I suppose I sort of anticipated some sort of test to say I was clear.

I’ve been very calm and laid back (one of my colleagues has described my attitude as positively horizontal) throughout this journey but the one thing that gets me thinking is the fact that my lump seemed to appear overnight (I found it in the bath and all was fine & dandy on the Friday but Saturday there was a lump).