After surgery - wound area feels hard

Need a bit of advice. My mum had surgery last month and the past couple of weeks she has noticed that the area around her wound feels quite hard? Is this normal. She mentioned it to her oncologist at her last appt and he said it was normal and nothing to worry about. It is worth speaking to her breast surgeon about it?


Hi Kat, I think if anything is on u or ur mums mind u should get in touch with ur BC nurse,with me and everybodys different,near 18 months after surgery nearly all of my breast feels hard and very different…still getting dicomfort,aches and pains,I think may be thats just part of the healing process,but i really would get tell ur mum to speak to her nurse.
                                              Giz x

Hi i agree your mum should speak to maybe her B.C.nurse I had a mastectomy 4 april 2013 i have got cording starting in my arm pit and its feels uncomfortable when im reaching up in cupboards etc i got my nurse to refer me to physio,when i went she said my wound area should be a little soft well it isnt its rock solid she said we need to get that sorted out before they can do my under arm as this is whats causing the problem,so now every evening after my bath when i moisturise i spend a a bit more time on this area with my fingers all i do is a small circular movement all over,i can not say if its working still early days i only started last week.Hope this helps.Yvonne