After tamoxifen?


I am coming up to two years on Tamoxifen and when I last saw my oncologist 6 months ago I remember him saying something about perhaps changing me onto something else after two years as this had a statistically better outcome, but I can’t remember what it was! I am due to see him again at the end of this month and wondered if anyone else had been changed from Tamoxifen after a couple of years and to what? I’d like to read up a bit more before I go to see him next. Thanks


Hiya - I have just started tamoxifen and my onc has planned half tam and the remainder of the 5 years on Femara.


Hi heth47
I assume your username gives a clue to your age? It is normal to start on Tamoxifen if you’re either pre-menopausal or going through the change process, if you’ve got an oestrogen positive BC. Most oncs then switch you to an aromatase inhibitor once you’re post-menopausal since studies have shown that that gives the best survival rate.
I started on Tamoxifen at age 50 and was told that after 2 years I would have two blood tests a few weeks apart to check my menopausal status, and once I’m definitely post-men then I will go onto AIs. Then I can look forward to all the aching joint SEs!

I was diagnosed at age 46, had 5 years of Tamoxifen and now on year 3 of 5 of femara.

I find the length on time on AIs very confusing as difeerent Oncs have different ideas. My BC has said that 5 yrs AIs for me may be due to the fact that 6 of 17 nodes were cancerous. Have to say that 3 years is enough for me.

Anyone else been told 5 Tamoxifen and then 5 AIs?


Thanks for the replies I’ll do some more research before my check up on Thursday. Heather x

I’ve just had my 4 year check…asked doc re. what would happen at 5 years. I will just be 50 then. I’m still not classed as post menopausal as I believe it’s no pd for 2 years… I had one 10 months ago and one 11 mths earlier (really must be near!). However he said some paper was due out and he may keep me on it into yr 6 (I was 100% er and pr +)dependant on what the findings were.

hello hazelmary. this has not affected me, i was on tamox for 2 1/2 ys and now on aromasin for the remainder of my 5 years of therapy, i have an aquantance(wife of colleague) who had BC at age of 39 she had all thrown at her she was on tamox for 5 years then letrozel for 5 years …12 years later she is fine and has had no reacurrances.

hope helps a little.