Age 25..IDC grade 2 DCIS grade 3..LVI

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        how are you all…i am only 25 years old today i got my results of pathology…my lymph nodes (0/12 )are clear had lumpectomy margins are also cleared …but main problem is LVI…i am so depressed …crying again n again …i am feeling like i am gona die :frowning: LVI means it is in my blood now :frowning: ? my lump was 2cm … i am so worried that m gona die because of LVI (lymphovascular invasion)…plz help me is there anyone else who also have LVI ?

Hi Rabia

Welcome to the forum where I’m sure you’ll find lots of support from fellow members.  While you are waiting for some replies I’ve attached a link to another thread about LVI which I thought might be helpful:

It might also help to talk things over with one of our Helpliners.  They will be open again on Monday (9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays).  The number is 0808 800 6000

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Hi Rabia, so sorry to hear you are feeling so worried. I am much older than you but have a daughter who will be 25 shortly so couldn’t just read your post and not comment. I had several lumps so had a mastectomy with reconstruction and had 2out of 4 lymph nodes positive with LVI. I had chemo, rads and herceptin which dealt with the cancer (touch wood). The reason I am posting is to encourage you to look at the positives of your diagnosis - you had clear margins and clear lymph nodes. Hopefully your treatment will deal with the LVI - have you been told if you need chemo or rads? I know I felt like it was hopeless at the beginning but it is now six years since my diagnosis and treatment and can’t believe how the years have passed. Once you have been given your treatment plan you will feel more in control. I wish you well in your journey and hope you get the support you need. The forum is the best place to come for advice and support at any time of day when you need it. I used it during my treatment and pop in occasionally. If you have any questions just ask.

hello rabia, I was 34 when I was told last year with 3 young baby’s I know how you’re feeling but things will get better as they have now started to for me I had 18 weeks of chemo and 4 weeks of rads I had a lumpectomy with clear margins to idc 12mm lump but didn’t have the LVI so can’t help u with that but I’m sure someone eles will be along soon who could help,good luck with all your treatment it will be over before u know it, it was a year for me on 2nd September 2014 when I had it removed and the time has gone so fast I’ve now started to get my life back and you will to takecare

Hi Rabia


I have extensive LVI which scares me but when I bring it up with the oncologist or the chemo nurses they don’t seem overly concerned about it. In fact they seem confident that they will be able to cure my breast cancer and say I have a good prognosis. They say that chemo will take care of any stray cells that may have escaped. Think LVI means that the actual tumour has developed its own blood vessels in which cancer cells can be transported in. However this may have not happened and even if it did then chemo will mop any cancer cells.


My friend had BC about six years ago with LVI and she is still cancer-free today :slight_smile: