Age 53 and have breast lump, appointment is on Thursday, 8 June

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well!
Ive got a lump in my left breast which feels round and like a marble. Since I noticed it 10 days ago I haven’t felt well - my groins have been aching and and the left side of my chest and back have been aching and I’ve had aches and pains all over really. My mammogram was in August last year but I do have dense breast tissue so I’m extremely worried about finding this lump as it seems to have come out of no where, or I’ve just missed it, and it is quite big, Please can anyone give me any advice, just anything x



Hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get loads of help and support.


This is the worst time waiting for your appointment.  The aches and pains will very likely be as a result of your anxiety levels, rational thoughts go out of the window at times like this and we can not help but imagine the worst, that it is cancer and it is spreading.


Try to do whatever you can to distract yourself until Thursday.


Sending you a hug xxx

Hi Jaq,
Have you seen your gp about getting a referral to the breast clinic?
Even if you have had a recent mammogram, if you haven’t already, do go & see your gp about this. Mostly all turns out to be well, but the breast clinic will get to the bottom of it for you.
ann x

Hi, yes my appointment is tomorrow 8 June at the hospital but I’ve felt unwell every day since I noticed it. I’ve had a bad stomach, aches and pains and like a burning sensation on left side of my chest and back.

Thank you both for replying to me, it means a lot x

Fantastic results on Thursday, the lump was a large cyst which was drained. Starting to get back to some normality now. Keep doing the amazing work everyone and thank you x