Alcohol and pain meds

Hi still in the waiting room… But wanted To ask a really stupid question and I think you are all kind enough to answer and not roll your eyes thinking … Idiot… While waiting for my results I am taking 75mg dosulepin and 0.5mg clonezapam at night for my fibromyalgia and dihydrocodeine for pain during the day all these meds say do not drink so I haven’t fyea over a year now …I can go without a drink quite easily… But I really enjoyed the odd glass of wine etc… Now I see so many of you mentioning have a drink relax treat yourself … Can you drink on cancer meds could I have the odd glass now , have I been denying myself when Icould have had a treat now and then … I know you can’t tell ma probably about my meds but if I am dx with bc and have to change my meds to treat bc can I have a drink …oh my I am practically drooling at the thought of a chilled white wine

Hi MadHelen… one rule on here “there is no such thing as a stupid question”

I can’t comment on the pain meds as that’s outside my experience, but for people on chemo or hormone therapies the occasional drink is fine. To make you chuckle (I hope) I am TT and when I began chemo the nurse said ‘the odd glass of wine is OK but you really mustn’t drink too much’… so I looked at her in fake seriousness and said, ‘so you mean I have to start drinking then?’ Chemo has a habit of destroying the taste buds, and some poeple report the only thing that tastes OK to drink is lager! :slight_smile:

Hopefully you will escape the waiting room by the door marked ‘freedom’ but if not you will find good support for the folk here.

Try not to drool on the computer though, it makes the keys sticky!! :wink:

Thanks for that revcat … I too am hoping for the door marked freedom, but trying to think positive if it is bc I may be able to have the occasional drink … I am trying to think of all the positives in case I don’t get the freedom door
Helen xx

YEAH … so pleased to hear I don’t have to forgo my glass of wine/bubbly with sunday lunch… thanks MadHelen for asking

as long as it is not the day before getting your bloods done, or the day before Chemo itself - a few drinks are absolutely fine. G & T sometimes tastes a bit odd though!

I woud worry if you were thinking of driving and on lots of meds.
My answer about having a drink would be" everything in moderation". I love a glass of wine normally but when on some meds I just don’t like the taste and often do not want a drink at all. But that is me and you are you. I would ask your doctor to be sure though.

Thanks for all the answers everyone… Fortunately or unfortunately I don,t drive , but then on a positive … No driving more drinking :slight_smile:
Helen x

Hi Madhelen.

Hope you find yourself out side the waiting room free ans happy soon.
Not just chemo drugs affect your taste buds. I’m on an AI and have started to drink tea, loath coke and just love red wine and lemonade or a small Glenmorrangie over ice.

Used to be Gin, whisky, rum, brandy, vodka with diet cola. Yucks

Take care best wishes x