alcohol and radiotherapy

Can anyone tell me if it is ok to have some alcohol whilst undergoing radiotherapy to my left breast area following WLE. I have a weekend in Butlins this weekend with my friends which was booked ages ago for a friends birthdy and I would really like to have a few drinks if possible? I will have had 5 sessions by the time I go this weekend?
I know alcohol not good for you but I dont drink often but it will be quite sad when everyone all partying and I might not be able to partake of a couple.

Haa! Get it down ya! It won’t hurt.


As long as you drink plenty of water as well, go for it!
Enjoy your weekend.

go and enjoy-i had to a few wines during rads with no probs x

Had my 5th of 15 rads today and the glass of wine with my dinner went down a treat! Might even have a night-cap!!

Cheers! Have a great weekend and looking forward to hearing all about it!


start RADS very soon so I am very much liking the answers to this question :)))

Hi Melic

How did your weekend go? Did you indulge in some alcholic therapy?

Hope that a good time was had by all!