Alcohol and recurrence.

What a lot of sensible debate. And concise information. Do you think the media will take note??

TSR - regarding your question on Tamoxifen, recurrence etc - at the bottom of the page on this link are links to numerous other studies on bc and alcohol. I haven’t looked at them in detail recently, but you might find some answers there:

Particularly this one on Tamoxifen and sex hormones:

finty x

That’s me in for all the finger pointing, although I’m not a big drinker, don’t like the effects of not being incontrol ,or being sick ( the sickness from chemo reminds me of the only time I have been drunk), i like the occasional glass of wine when i go out for a meal. But I do have a son who is an alcoholic and have had the finger pointed at me for that. It has taken me ages to not take the blame for that and now I have bc I will have more fingers pointed.
How many times have we seen medical reports on the news that have been changed later.
I for one will carry on with my odd glass of wine, I didn’t cause my sons alcoholism and I didn’t cause my breast cancer. It’s hard enough dealing with all this without extra guilt being added!
Take care everyone love Ruth x

Thanks Finty, that makes, quite literally, ‘sober’ reading. I would have thought, in my naivety, that Tamoxifen would protect you in some ways, as it is controlling the oestrogen in your system. Very interesting,

Bit confused and this might seem a bit of a “dohh” question but does it mean if you are on Tamoxifen and you drink alcohol then the risk of a recurrence is higher? So in effect the Tamox is actually increasing your risk?

If that makes sense!

That’s how I read it Dee :frowning:

Not good!!

I found that abstract a bit confusing - this is the whole document if anyone would like to plough through it, or at least just the conclusions. It might make the situation clearer:

finty xx

Incidentally I think it’s worth pointing out that it is universally accepted that people under report how much they drink in surveys, and this piece of research acknowledges that. So that risk figures ascribed to a certain level of alcohol intake, in actuality are probably relating to a somewhat higher intake. Even so, it’s clear that alcohol is a risk factor for bc and recurrence.

finty x

Thanks Finty,

Just out of interest my mum had bc 17 yrs ago was on Tamoxifen for 5 and had a recurrence two years ago.

She doesn’t drink, has a good diet and walks everywhere - makes you wonder sometimes really.

Thanks for posting that research Finty which is very detailed. I see their final comment is a recommendation that those with breast cancer moderate alcohol intake.

just picked up on this thread as I sip my whisky… I cannot really identify with some of the thoughts expressed here. I am now in targeted therapy with Arimedex for the next 4 years. Prior to B.C I drank moderately , went to the gym and did marathon walks. I have 4 grown up children and 5 grandchildren and can honestly say didn’t drink when my family was growing up. But now at this stage of my treatment I find I probably drink too much and find it helps me get through. I know I should be feeling more positive and for sure this new report should shake me up and make me want to reduce intake. I feel it is my way taking the pressure off but for sure I dont want a recurrence. Wish I could be a strong as you are…


i dont drin at all and not only did i get bc but now got secondary in my lungs and i dont smoke either so what does that say :slight_smile:
kaz xx lol

Really enjoying this debate, interesting re the Tamoxifen/alcohol will read up on that, it does on first thought appear counter-intuitive. I love the Churchill quote Mary Grace, I must admit to avoiding statistics wherever possible because they confuse the heck out of me. In terms of media reporting, the Daily Mail is the kind of paper that fills me with an overwhelming urge to fill it with bogies, vomit up my box of wine and unhealthy food on it and then set it on fire. It’s particularly loathsome in that it must be the only woman-hating paper that is actually targeted at them.
I agree with you Finty about the class issue with drinking, a friend of mine once said that the 3L wine box is the middle classes’ way of drinking to excess without having to confront the reality of all those empty bottles in the recycling bin.
It’s understandable that people become upset about the risk factor issue when they’ve always lived healthily - it seems so unlucky, but unfortunately risk factors don’t work that way. There will always be some who get this disease whatever they do, but maybe they get it later and in a lesser form than they would have had they had a few more risk factors? We don’t know, but I suspect that might be the case.

Call me an old-fashioned lefty, but my hackles rise when I read how cancer is the result of individual lifestyle choices. I think this not only introduces a culture of blame, to a disease that is probably down to chance, but also gives policy makers a perfect justification for failing to provide decent healthcare. The next thing will be cancer patients don’t deserve this or that, because they have brought it on themselves, by their feckless lifestyle.

Lemongrove, I don’t think that’s the ‘next’ thing. I think that is the implied thinking already!


Hi Dee

My Mum had BC 17 years ago was on Tamoxifen for 5 years and has not had a recurrence. She does enjoy a drink, exercises moderately and eats fairly sensibly. If anything I have the far healthier lifestyle but my BC has returned - as you say it makes you wonder!


All this reporting will not affect my lifestyle in the slightest. I have heard so many conflicting reports of what you should eat, drink and do to be healthy in my lifetime that I will carry on, within reason, enjoying what I enjoy and doing what I do.

I grew up after the war when eating cheese, butter, eggs and cream were considered the healthiest of healthy. I saw adverts for cigarettes claiming to be good for clearing your lungs. More recently red wine and dark chocolate are good for your heart/bloodpressure or whatever. There will no doubt be an about turn on that one any time soon.

I have scores of friends and relatives who drink more than I ever have and who are what might be considered a mite overweight yet none of them got breast cancer. I also have friends who have the disease who seem to have done all the “right” things.

As I say I refuse to be intimidated by those who have newspaper inches to fill.

i agree with u lemongrove like i say i dont drink or smoke and i eat healthy as im a slimming consultant lol and i got bc and secondarys in my lungs its all down to fate i reckon what will be will be so just do what u wanna do and enjoy yoiur life !!!
kaz xx