aldridge, WS9 -anyone in meet up ditsance??

recently divorced, living alone with three kids - two teenage girls and 12 year old boy - diagnosed sept, chemo to come soon - anyone else around???

Hi There,

I’m in sutton coldfield which isnt too far but there is also a breast friends group in sutton and walsall.

you can pm me if you want

hi just found out i have breast cancer this week i live just outside aldridge pm if you want i am 34 with two teenage girls

Hi I live in Bournville, Birmingham, not too far

im bromsgrove is that too far x

Hi There,

I run a cancer support centre in Tamworth, thats really not too far from aldridge at all.

We have a meet this thursday at 7pm if you would like to join us, the next meet after that is january 3rd 7 til 9pm.

You can find us at

We would love to welcome you to our warm friendly ‘non medical’ world !!

Hope you can make it, sharon xx

I have posted this on behalf of new user Louise

I’m another from Tamworth, and would like to here from anyone else in the area. I’m 35 with two kids 6 and 9 diagnosed November 2010, so if you’re having chemo at the moment might see you at Good Hope!


Hi Louise
I am also being treated at Good Hope and have 2 girls aged 5 and 9 so almost exactly the same as you! What days do you have your chemo? I go on a Wed (next one this Wed 26th) and am half way through my 4 x CMF. I started chemo last Sept as I am doing it before surgery. Got surgery planned start April. Would be great to hear more from you - I am always happy to meet new people!


there are a few more on walsall west midland thread i started and people trying to get a meet up - take a look if you like - i can’t make 17th but hope there will be another date

any of you still looking and from the area see walsall west mids thread for suggestion for regular meet up in Brum