All clear!!

Dear all,

I just wanted to let you all know that I got the all clear this morning from the ultrasound following my mammogram :smiley:

It confirmed bilateral benign cysts with some calcification.

I did have to have one cyst drained as it was a bit ‘murky’ (technical term there I think lol), which wasn’t particularly pleasant and I’m a bit sore now.

I wanted to thank all those posters who were so kind and took the time to answer my previous posts, reassuring me when they are in the middle of their own treatment >:)<</p>

I’ve been completely blown away by the kindness, patience and thoughtfulness shown by everyone on this forum. I wish you all the very, very best for your personal journeys.


ohdear it’s just wonderful to hear your brilliant news, all the very best to you xx


I just love hearing good news!

Thrilled for you - have a great weekend xx

Superb news. Now the big bit. Do not forget to be breast aware. We don’t want to have you scared again !!!
Best wishes and celebrate

Fantastic news!! thrilled for you…now go out and have a great life xxxxxxxx

What brilliant news so pleased for you.

Jean x

Great big yeehah for you Bid, that’s wonderful news and great to hear xxx

brilliant news xx really happy for you

Fab fab Fab

Thats Brilliant news …You go and celebrate xx


Great news. Big sigh of relief and perhaps a glass of something to celebrate!!!


Thats Blooming fabulous news, so pleased for you. Hope you having a big treat to celebrate xx

that’s fabulous news, what a relief for u, really pleased to hear good news x

Great news Bid, a wee glass of something now I think! x

There is a God after all!!!

Best wishes,

Daysie x

Thank you all for such kind thoughts!

One last question please…I have been given an appointment in January for a ‘review’, as the letter puts it. Is this usual, and why would they want to see me again if everything is OK?

B :slight_smile: