all treatment finished wheyyy heyyyy

After 9 months I have finished all my treatment, just got to keep taking the arimadex for 5 years.

I am soooo happy.

Hope to get my life back now

whooooo hooooooo



What more can I say than…CONGRATULATIONS!!!

It is a big deal! After all the prodding and examining and testing and pathology reports, what a luxurious life you will lead just going from day to day once again, unexamined!

Go out and celebrate! I do hope that you are able to stay free of all things bc for a very very long time!

good for you…


brilliant, so glad you got to the other end in one piece. I’ve been following a few of you through treatment since I was dx’d in Jan and it’s so so good to see you all getting to the other side. 2 monre chemos and some rads and I’ll be right behind ya.

Have a wonderful life.


thanks for all the support

looking forward to more of you joining me


Hi Linda

Congratulations! Hope you get back to normality soon!

I have had my 1st radiotherapy this morning - only 19 more left!

Go out and celebrate


Linda - well done!!! I raise a glass to you - i have real champagne that i am really drinking - i finished treatment yesterday - just tamoxifen for 5 years…

Long may we reign -all the best

jen xxx

Hi Jen

well done to you too, I will join you in raising a glass of champagne tonight


That’s great, Linda, hope you’re not too sore. My armpit has been bad but much improved now and all the skin is peeling under my boob. It takes forever to get up and dressed in the mornings! I bet you can’t believe you’ve finished. Well done

Louise x

Hi Jen

Enjoy that champagne! Well done and all the very best for the future

Anita xxx

Doesn’t it just give us hope, Anita!

I just started radiotherapy today also so we are off to the same start.
Its now the real deal…no more simulation!

I will be doing this for the next 7 weeks, 5x/week – how about you?


well done linda! I CANNOT WAIT!!! good luck and enjoy it!

love FB xx

CONGRATULATIONS Linda…hope you’ve celebrated in a BIG way.

karen xx

Congratulations to all who have finished and good luck to all those who are still having treatment,

I finished rads on Fri its taken 13 months but finally got there, cant quite believe but its true, strange feeling …

woooohoooo yipee!!!

Have had 2 months of tamoxifen only 4 years 10 months to go haha,

Gonna chill out for a bit now, may have a little holiday then will prob have to get back to work…aagh

Love to all
Take Care
Dawn X


Sending you big hugs and jumping for joy for you!!!

Hi EmilyJane

I have to have 20 sessions over 4 weeks, monday to friday with weekends off. This weekend I will have a 3 day break as we have a bank holiday on monday.

I have just had my 4th and finding it ok. I know ladies have commented on here how ‘impersonal’ radiotherapy is but the girls (and boys) who have ‘done’ me this week have been absolutely brilliant. They chat all the time and make sure that I know what is happeneing and ensure that I am comfortable.

I hope that your sessions go as smoothly as mine!

Keep me informed of how you are going on.

Best wishes to everyone else on their treatment!

Anita xxx