allergic reaction

allergic reaction

allergic reaction Hi,

Six weeks ago I had WLE. For the first two weeks I seemed to be healing ok, but I had an allergic reaction to the stiches that were supposed to dissolve. The radiotherapy was delayed because my skin was so badly affected. I am now concerned that those high grade cancer cells might have time to multiply while I am waiting for the radiotherapy to start, sometime in July.

With treatment from the GP, the skin is now healing, and the wound is almost healed. Even with strong antihistamines, there is an irritating itch and occasional feeling of sharp pin pricks inside the breast.

Has anyone else had the same experience?

hi hi Elena

I have not had the same experience. But when I had my WLE (I had a mastectomy afterwards) I had pin pricks ect. in my breast, that I thought are due to healing. I did not have any pain before in my breast. not even squeezing the tumour. And i did not have an allergic reaction.

Also I was worried about cancercells spreading and multiplying while I was waiting for my chemo to start. Especially I felt since the lymphknodes had been removed. but… then i realised the primairy tumour has been removed (If the hadn’t removed it completely you would have been told to have further surgery) so therefor can’t make any more cells. And the surgery has blocked of the easiest path from your breast to the rest of your body.
That thought really helped me relax.

And all the docters reassured me that these things don’t happen overnight anyway.

I hope that this will relax you a bit aswell.

Your radiotharapy will deal with any potential tumour cells and with the one that ‘slipped through’. They will be properly zapped and finshed off.

I think a lot of the natural healing processes on themselfs can be itchy and irritating on themselfs. So when you have an allergic rewaction on top… most be much worse.

hope all goes well. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.