allergic reactions

Hi Ladies, can anyone tell me if allergic reactions are common with chemo, im due to have my first one on weds next week 


I didn’t have a reaction but I was given antihistamine before each treatment as a preventative as my sister had a reaction but she does have a lot of allergies

Good luck through your treatments and stay positive :two_hearts:

Hi again

It’s standard practice if you are having EC as your first treatment. The first half hour, you’re on a preventative drip - antihistamine, steroid and anti-emetic. You may also be given an anti-emetic pill. In all my treatments in quite large suites, I only noticed one allergic reaction. It was dealt with so quickly by the nurses that, 20 minutes later, the woman was back on the drip, but at a slower rate.

Check with the nurse about the antihistamine and steroid if you are having just paclitaxel. I think the steroid is included but I’m not sure about the antihistamine. But don’t take antihistamine before you go without medical advice or you may have too much in your system.

Best of luck. You’re nearly there and you didn’t think that was possible a few weeks ago. Take care

Jan x