Almost 3 week wait for results.



On tuesday i had an ultrasound with core biopsy, 3 doctors who had checked my lump were convinced it was a cyst so i had no worries at all until the dr scanning me said that it wasnt a cyst but she had no idea what it was but ‘would eat her hat’ if it was cancer.


I saw the consultant before leaving the clinic, again he said he had no idea what it was but is hopeful is a fibroidema.


Now, i suffer with acute anxiety and ocd at the best of times, i dont get any results until the 26th and its driving me crazy. I cant eat or concentrate… im finding ‘symptoms’ constantly, making myself believe that i am infact ill.


I am convinced bad news is coming.


Would i get called in earlier for results if it was bad news? or is it normal to be left until the results appointment which is booked in already? 


How can i relax whilst waiting? Is there a trick that im missing? 

Hi SoWorried

Whilst you are waiting for some support and a reply why not give our Helpline a call?  They can talk with you through any questions or worries you have as well as support you.

0808 800 6000

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I’m afraid there is no magic answer to getting through the waiting game love, we’ve all been there and it is truly awful! Trying to keep busy helps the days go quicker but I know how hard it is to focus on anything,they may call you if results come in earlier but they don’t like to give them out over the phone so it’s likely they will keep to your appointment date,just focus on that and don’t drive yourself nuts going around in circles Xx Jo