almost finished

hi all its been awhile since ive been here (just not had energy) WELL IAM ALMOST AT END OF TREATEMENT one week of radiotherapy left then on tablets for 5-8 years.hopefully i can get back to work soon as iam totally hair has started to grow back thank goodness only problem is its grey i was thinking of using coloured mousse on it so advice please has anyone else used it and whats the best 1 to use.i just want to thank you all for your support advice and for being there for me take care all dot xxxxxxxxxxxx

Am delighted to hear that you are near the end of your rads. I had a big circle on my calender for the day I finished mine. I finished at the end of April and am back to normal skin wise other than my right boob looking a bit tanned and the left one being lily white. Still get some stabbing pains but not nearly as frequent now.

How has the skin held up for you? Hope the final week goes well and also that you manage to get back to work too.

I didn’t lose my hair as I didn’t have chemo so can’t advise on whether it’s a good idea to use the colouring mousses. I can say that I’ve used them in the past and advise you to wear gloves when applying it (I didn’t pull the night I went out with auburn hair and red hands!) Also wash it off before you go to bed or you need to wash the pillow case the next day.

Good luck everything

love Lilac

Hi Dot,
I was told not to colour hair for about 6 months after last chemo. My hair is also very grey now and an odd texture. I had last chemo in feb and am starting rads on July 7th. I have had 3 ops in between. Also somone said herbal and natural colourings are best, you can order online from Daniel field organic hairdresser or Holland and Barratt do one too.

Good luck and well done
The end is near… I cant wait to start so then I can finish
Take care
Dawn X