"Alternative" Therapies.....

Having only been diagnosed last week, and having 3 weeks to ‘wait’ for my lumpectomy, then radiotherapy - I have been reading up on some alternative therapies.

Being clear here, I am not looking at replacing the conventional treatment on offer, I am gladly accepting - but wondering what others have tried and what is current at the moment.


Am wanting to do everything I can to be prepared for the surgery and after.  



Hi Agarside

Welcome to the Forum and the fantastic supportive community you can meet here. 

This is not a very busy area of the Forum so please also try posting in the Just diagnosed category where there is a lot more “traffic” and where more people will see your post. You will also meet others who will be going through treatment at the same time as you. 

We we have an area where you can ask questions direct to our specialist breast cancer nurses, Adk Our Nurses. And please ask any questions on here. 

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Hi Amanda - I had lumpectomy in August and now waiting for RT starting on 31st October. I have stopped all sugar in my diet, eat lots of tomatoes, so much garlic and fresh tumeric - I literally put it in everything! I feel positive that I am doing what I can, feel so bloody healthy and lost a stone to boot. Just listen to your body - I have gone off meat but enjoying fish, I ve also stopped dairy - not such a chore as I thought it would be. Good luck with everything, I had lumpectomy on the Monday and went back to work on the Wednesday, felt good although I did make sure I did all the excercises and more.