Alternative to mastectomy for DCIS

In February, I was diagnosed with early stage IDC with no lymph node infiltration.
After 3 wide local excisions to remove a 2cm tumour and margins, my surgeon told me I needed a mastectomy to remove the DCIS which remained.
I do not want a mastectomy and am meeting with a radiological oncologist next week so I can ask what the prognosis is if I opt for rediotherapy instead.
Has anyone else refused a mastectomy in a similar situation? If so, I would be really interested to hear about your experience and how you got on.




Hi…just read your post; I’m not in the same situation as you as I had a mx for a large area of DCIS. You need to ask what grade DCIS you’ve got, mine was high grade and was much more likely to become malignant. Having this information may help you reach a decision.
Hope your appointment goes well next week.
Jane x

Hi Bluetiger,

We are all different, with different aspects to our diagnosis, so it isn’t easy to compare situations. You don’t say what grade your IDC was, nor if your DCIS is high grade and how much there is of it left behind.

My story is that I had a 15mm grade 3 IDC that was HER2+++ so small but very aggressive. No lymph node involvement and no evidence of vascular invasion. This was removed entirely by WLE, but the report showed high grade DCIS extended into the otherwise clear margins leaving only a narrow clearance of 5mm. on one side. They like a much wider margin than that in DCIS cases. I was told I needed a cavity shave to try to get a wider margin.
I asked what would happen if the surgeon was unable to get a wider margin and was told my planned chemo would go ahead first, then they would discuss the best option for me - either mastectomy or a week of extra radiation boosters in addition to the planned radiotherapy. So it seems both options are available, but which is best will depend on your actual circumstances.

In the end my cavity shave was successful, so that was the end of it for me.

God luck with your decision. xxx

Hi Lola and Jane,
Thanks for taking time and energy to reply to my post- much appreciated!
Glad that “cavity shaving” (never heard of that before) was succesful for you, Lola.
I’m getting as much informaton as I can before I see the oncologist but all online research suggests mastectomy is inevitable.