Alternative to weekly Taxol?


I haven’t posted on here for a while as I have been having a few problems…this leads to my question.

I have secondary breast cancer with mets in my liver and micromets in my lower back. At the moment I am on weekly chemo of Taxol and have had a few problems.

My question is are there any alternatives to Taxol? It seems to be the usual chemo that ladies like me are put on but I wondered if there were alternatives if Taxol couldn’t be tolerated. I know there are many different treatments available but haven’t heard any actually named.

Anyone help?


I am on weekly tax also, alongside herceptin zometa and most recently aromisin.
what ses have you had? I am on no 11 of 18 now. Heartburn is my biggest problem, alongside feeling tired. I have rintandine twice a day which keeps reflux at bay.
x sarah

Sorry to hear you’re having problems with weekly taxol. It’s powerful stuff… I had much worse SEs on this than I had expected.

How many treatments have you had so far? Have you had any scans yet or other tests to show how effective it is for you?

Hi Sheana,

I think there are some alternatives to taxol, such as Abraxane, which, I think is the same sort of thing - a taxane chemo. but in a slightly different form/dissolved in something different - you may need to look this up! In fact, it might actually be the same stuff, but in an easier to tolerate formulation. Sorry I can’t be more specific - I took taxol last year and it is pretty potent stuff. Maybe you could ask your onc. about Abraxane? All the best,