Alternatives to zoladex and arimidex ???


I am struggling on the above combination which I’ve been taking for almost a year after struggling on tamoxifen for 7 months before that.

The side effects are driving me nuts and I’m so worn out due to the hot sweats, aching joints, etc,etc. Saw registrar today who couldn’t suggest an alternative combo and is going to speak to onc on return from hols and is also asking bcn to contact me to discuss further.

I did ask if any type of break for 3 months would be an option but I am so high risk of recurrence, they wouldn’t recommend it. I have bone mets in spine and ribs and a small new area appeared in ribs on last bone scan, so that’s fair enough.

So please can anyone suggest any alternatives to either/both of the above that I could mention to see if it is a possibility at my next appointment in a month ???

Thanks, Liz

I have heard that Aromasin works in a totally different way to Arimidex and has been preferable for women who suffer badly on Arimidex. Perhaps you could mention it to onc?
How about an oopherectomy so you can avoid the Zoladex jab? I found recovery from my ooph very fast. It is of course irreversible but as I never want a drop of oestrogen near me again I don’t care.
I think there are some other aromatase inhibitors around but we don’t hear much about them.
Good luck.

Thanks msmolly for your reply.

I’m hoping the onc may come up with another poss combination just to try. I think the main problem for me is from the zoladex so I did ask about getting rid of ovaries as like you I don’t want oestrogen (or progesterone) anywhere near me but they said it wouldn’t necessarily solve it for me as I would still need something to get rid of production in other areas of body. Don’t know whether there is an alternative to zoladex…

I’ll ask bcn about it when I speak to her as she’s very knowledgeable (more so than some docs dare I say ???!) and then at onc appointment.

Thanks again, Liz