Am I being a Whimp?

I have my second chemo coming up next week and starting to get a bit panicky after the horrible first one I had. I’m on AC and it went like this:

Monday: Had chemo and felt fine
Tuesday: Little queasy but ok
Wednesday: Felt like hit by a bus (sick)
Thursday: Same as Wednesday but 50 buses (sick)
Friday: Felt off this planet (like my mind was out of control on acid)
Saturday: Same as Friday
Sunday: Tired but Good
Since then: Good

Is this torture normal, and I’m just being a whimp? I’d really appreciate any comments. Thanks.x

Hi there
seems like a perfectly normal chemo to me … you are not being a wimp though! chemo is quite devastating, you’ll get through

Hi Babuscha

I too am on AC - you really should not be sick - dont know what anti sickness they gave you but maybe you need to get it changed. I have had 4 now - next one due on Tuesday - I felt sick the night of the first one but have never been sick or really felt sick since. Not saying I have felt brilliant but different every time.

Your never being a wimp - this is high grade poison they are giving us!!!

Remember and mention it to your onc next time


Hi Babuscha,

My first chemo (FEC) was absolutely horrible. I got back from the hospital and by an hour later felt a bit sick. Then felt really sick, then started to be sick, then couldn’t stop being sick, then had an injection to try and stop it at 6.30 pm. That did nothing, called the doc out at 2.30 pm and a couple of hours later I finally stopped puking.
As for the rest of the week I can honestly say 50 buses and acid rings a bell.

The second one wasn’t quite as bad. Not quite as sick.

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth seemed bearable although the buses went down to about 30 - 40 hee hee.

By the fourth chemo they had sorted my anti-sickness out. Its a bit trial and error until they find the right drug for you. They tried me on one called Nozinan and it really does the job.

I can remember after my first thinking ‘I’m never going to be able to do this’ but soon enough logic kicks in. You have too do it. Chemo is crap and it must seem a long way off till you finish but it’ll be done before you know it.

Take each day as it comes. Try to plan exciting things for your good days so you have something to look forward to. If you feel rough and don’t feel like doing anything, then don’t. Listen to what your body tells you.

Never think your a whimp, cause your not, your a warrior, we all are on here !

Take care, good luck,

Mandy xxx

Sounds about right!!! Buses, acid, jelly legs, shakes, hot flushes and so on… just count them off. Keep smilinn you have two weeks or relative normality in between.

Thank goodness - I feel so much better now. Everything about this whole situation is just so scarey and daunting, it’s good to hear I’m not alone (unfortunately for all of us!). I’ll ask my Onc about Nozinan Mandy. Hopefully it might reduce the number of buses for me too! Which anti-sickness are you on Fiona? Thanks for your help girls.


I get dexamethasone x3 day, ondansetron 8mg x3 day for 3 days and domperidone as a back up which I rarely need to take.Maybe I am just lucky and on different chemo from you. The first time they only gave me dex for 3 days then stop - i then couldnt move for 4 days - literally - it took have a shower one days as I had to keep sitting down as I felt like I was going to fall down!!! - , they now give me x3 day for 3 days then weaning programme for another 4 days which works a treat.

Hope they manage to get yours sorted next time round


Hi Babs

No, you’re not a wimp honey - chemo is toxic stuff so no wonder it makes us feel like sh*t ! The only drug that seemed to stop my sickness was cyclizine, if that’s any help. I too remember feeling after my second chemo that I really couldnt do this anymore - but somehow we do.

My advice to you would be to give in to your tired days, sleep when you need to, and when you’re having a good day, make sure you go and do something nice. You’ll find you will tend to get into some sort of a routine, and before you know it your chemo will be over.

Wishing you lots of luck with the rest of your treatment - do let us know how you’re getting on !

Lots of love

Julie xxx

A wimp your are NOT. I would say that we are all very strong. These feelings are natural, but you will find the strength to go on. Just hold on in there, you’re doing great.

Carly x

No one on chemo is a wimp! It’s poison (but good poison!). But you need to sort out the anti sickness. I have had 5 FEC and 1 Taxotere so far and have not been sick. Just as well as I have severe sick phobia.

Ask them to tweek your anti sickness, that is something you should not have to suffer on top of everything else. I have the same regime as Fiona39 and make sure i take them all!

Cecelia. x

It’s horrible isn’t it? . I am now on 5th chemo and it doesn’t get any better, but what has helped me is when somebody said to me, think of it as a safety net .Hope all goes well for you.
very best wishes

Hi all
This thread really hits home. I’ve had 5 TAC and managed really well with first 4 and this one has been so rough. I have been sick and the meds worked so well before. I think my body is just saying, when is this going to stop and it has a cumulative effect.
The idea of acid made me smile as on Sunday night I was convinced there was a 1950’s black car in my bedroom and I’d have to get past it to go to the bathroom. Weird.
Feel better now but have have a few crumbly moments this week.
This chemo is tough - none of us are wimps - we are normal woman in a crazy situation trying to do our best for ourselves, families and make sense of the shocking place we find ourselves.

I’ve had some really good days on chemo and almost felt like a fraud but there have been some horror moments I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
Hang in there.


Hi Babuscha,
I agree with all of the ladies who say you are not being a wimp - we are coping with something which was beyond our imagination until confronted with it. I have now had 5/6 chemos (EC) and have found the nausea and tiredness to be really quite overwhelming. I was advised to take all of the nausea medication available/as prescribed and not wait until you feel sick before reacting - apparently the drugs are much bettter at suppressing the nausea in the first place rather than sorting out sickness once it has started. I have therefore been greedily popping all that I have been given - dexamethasone, ondansetron and metocloproamide, I STILL have awful nausea but no sickness and dread to think what I would be like without them. The tiredness is pathological and lifts, for me, only slowly, usually about 4/5 days post-chemo. During that time I really try hard just to stay calm and wait, knowing from past cycles that eventually I will be able to do something with my day. It is a far cry from my previous life, bouncing out of bed at 7.00am and haring around like a mad thing until I collapsed into bed at about 11.00pm only to do the same thing next day. I never appreciated the engine I had - I hope it comes back!

Hi guys,

Sorry to hear that you are suffering! When I suffer with the nausea I have boiled water with fresh ginger - wow it works for me and I find it really refreshing! I suffer with tirednes and wobbly legs for the first 4/5 days and that is hard as like everyone else I hat sitting around, need to keep busy (thank goodness for laptops!)

Hang on in there girls
Cyber hugs And best wishes