Am I being overly anxious

Hi All,
Been having severe pian in my breast for a few weeks and could feel a pea size lump. Visited my GP who said she could actually fell 2 hard lumps and that I need to be referred to the breast clinic. To say it was a shock is an understatment I thought she would just tell me it was hormonal. She told me to take pain killers for the pain as some days I am in agony and can’t even lift my arm and my breast has days where it is swollen and so tender to touch.
I am still awaitng my letter for my appointment but I have to say the wait is horrendous a day feels like a week. It is constantly on my mind that it could be something bad and I haven’t slept for the last few days. I have only told my close friends and family and they tell me not to worry and to be honest they don’t know what to say as I am the one who holds everyone together so I kind of feel quiet alone at the moment. I am trying to just carry on as normal but work is horrific as I work with all men who are a bunch of bullies so struggiling to hold it together in work at the moment.
Is it natutal to feel so scared or am I just being over dramatic. I am naturally a worrier so that doesn’t help but I just feel my friends and family just don’t understand. I am always the bubbly one there for everyone but I just don’t care at the moment about a friends latest drama with money or boyfriend dramas and think I might explode if I get another text/call asking my adivce on some topic that seems so trivial at the moment.
I know that there is a very very high chance that there is nothing wrong but the next few weeks waiting seems like a living hell and I do feel very selfish feeling like that given there are people out there in a far worse situation thatn mine. Any advice on how people got throught the anxious time of waiting for their appointment would be much appreciated.
Thanks for reading xx

Hi Emmajj

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure you will find them a great source of information and support. Whilst you’re waiting for replies, I just wanted to say that if you feel it would help to talk to someone, do call the Helpline on 0808 800 6000 they’re open weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

Best wishes.

Louise, Facilitator

Hi Emma,

Your feelings and fear are perfectly normal. Everyone on this forum has been through the same thing, and all will tell you the worst ever place to be is in the Waiting Room and afraid of the unknown - waiting for appointments, results, or treatment. It is an awful place. Fear of the unknown is horrible, and that’s what you have at the moment. What you need is support from your close family and friends. This really is the time when you find out who your best friends are - and they may be ones you were least expecting.

Try to fill your time being good to yourself - lots of special treats. Never ever feel selfish because you are feeling like you do - your feelings are natural, not selfish. Talk to your family and friends - make sure they sit and listen to you - tell them exactly how you feel - tell them what you have just told us. If they are worth their salt they will hear you and will understand and be more able to support you. You also have all the members of this forum for support - the ladies (and some men) are so supportive and helpful. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Remember that at the end of the day, your problem may be nothing of concern - hold on to that thought. Good luck with your breast clinic assessment. xxx

Hi Emma,
Every emotion and thought you have is normal, you sound very much like me.
You will get through this because as you say you are usually the one in control, I did everything to help my family get through this,
Which I would never change, but it can bring you down trying to be strong all the time.
You will have ‘great’ friends and those that still use you for their ‘crap’…it’s amazing at a time like this we feel the need to turn our backs on these ones… I know I have, and I have been blessed with friends that I haven’t seen for years who have been there for me.
With regards to your waiting, you can’t change that, so the control freak in you will struggle with that. You will feel much better when you have a result, and if treatment is needed then you will cope when you have a plan.
Be positive not all lumps are sinister, but whatever happens there is great help out there for you.
Keep us updated of your progress
Maggie x

Hi Emma
I’ve been diagnosed recently and waiting for results. It’s hard waiting. I have some very good friends who are positive and supportive - those are the ones I choose to spend time with. I’ve had to ‘let go’ of a couple of friends who just constantly left me feeling drained, one who always had lots of drama going on in her life and tried to involve me in all the ins and outs and one who kept telling me how awful it was and she didn’t see how i could cope (she was in a worse state than me!)
I find that just writing down my thoughts and posting on here is very helpful and the replies have always been helpful and kind.
It must be difficult for you at work, try to protect yourself and be kind to yourself whenever you can.
It’s ok to say how you are feeling on here, don’t feel guilty because other people are having more treatment, your worries are just as valid.
Hoping you hear good news soon but if not then you will find a way through it somehow - there is help out there too.
Sue x

Thank you ladies for your kind words.
A day at the moment feels like a week which I am sure you will know, just never thought in my mid 30s I would be facing a worry like this. I am felling more postive today mostly because I am in not in much pain today and there is not much swelling or too much tenderness so that has helped to take my mind of it as for the last week I had been in agony.
Just going to try keep busy until I get the date for my appointment and I know the odds are high that it’s nothing serious so going to try and keeped focused on that.
Thank you so much for your replies, been reading some of the forums on here today and all you ladies are a true inspiration.
Thank you for your reassurance and kind words.

I had to wait a week for my biospy to be done after the ultra-sound and mammogram (due to being between Xmas and New Years time) and was an absolute train wreck. Couldn’t sleep, constant worrying and feeling physically sick from stress. I went back to my Doctor who was very understanding and gave me a few sleeping pills and some anti-anxiety pills. I only took the anti-anxiety pills a few times, but just knowing I had them there if needed gave me more strength. Have a chat with your GP and explain that you are having trouble sleeping etc.

Keep busy with whatever provides distraction eg TV, reading or in my case, played some computer games. I hope the time flies by quickly for you.

Thank you abitrandom, yes I have been keeping myself busy as much as possible. I got fed up of waiting today so called my GP to get a number for the breast clinic I had been referred too. I called them and they hadn’t processed my appointment but when they looked at the notes they said that I have to be seen by the 11th so I am now booked in for this Thursday.
Feeling very worried now and keep checking my breast all the time hoping the one tiny lump I can feel has gone, but no its still there. Well at least now I have an appointment so only a day and half to go.
Thank you taking the time to reply, it means a lot xx

Hi, I’m sitting here waiting to go to work thinking about you, I know the worry is draining, I have an ultrasound this morning and feel physically sick at the thought of getting bad news. Talk people I find that helps the more I talk the better I feel, family strength is the best, friends and the helpline. I’ve not rung it yet but will do later. X