Am i being ridiculous - help?!!

Hi All

Have been doing quite well lately with bc becoming more and more of a horrific memory.

However - as usual I now have something new to worry about.! I had WLE in 2005 with neg nodes , small lump chemo and rads.

About half an inch from my scar line - definitely not on it - just on normal breast I have developed a spot/pimple/bite? My husband said that is exactly what it is so why am I worrying? ( Typical man). It is all on the surface - only small a bit red with a white bit in the middle.

Of course now I am off on the is it a recurrence even though it is not a lump and does look like a bite/spot!

REALLY dont want to go to my GP as I go far too often and would feel daft with this.

Has anyone heard of a recurrence like this or am I being paranoid?? If I hadn’t have had bc I wouldn’t give the spot a second thought.

Love to all

Alise x

Sorry girls this should be in Living with breastcancer! Menopause brain i’m afraid!

Sounds very like some sort of infection/inflammation if it is red with a head, especially if it is tender to touch and a bit hot. It should burst soon but it would do no harm to bath it with warm water and put some antispectic on it . Dont squeeze it whatever you do as if it is an infection, could make it worse. Keep it clean and it should start getting better. If it starts getting bigger or redder, or hasnt gone in a few days, I would see you doctor in case it is an infected bite/abscess whatever. Chances are it will clear up on its own. I have no idea if breast cancer presents in this way, but chances are high that it is simply a skin infection.

Don’t want to worry you Alise, but that’s exactly how I was diagnosed with a recurrence. Even at the grand old age of 48 I was still prone to the odd outburst of acne thought it was just a pimple and ignored it. When it hadn’t cleared up 3 months later I consulted my GP. For some strange reason he referred me to the plastic surgeon who had done my reconstruction 10 months earlier. The surgeon took one look at it and suggested it may be a rodent ulcer, a form of skin cancer, which could have happened as a result of the radiotherapy (I’d had 6 weeks of rads 6 years earlier). They took a biopsy and it actually turned out to be a recurrence of my breast cancer.

I would say, give it a week or two and if it hasn’t cleared up, then you should see your GP.


Hazel, was your lump on your face (acne?). While I was under aneasthetic for mastectomy the lump I had had on my face for 3 yrs was spotted and I was referred to a dermatologist who confirmed it was a rodent ulcer. I had it removed and a skin graft over it. I call it my bogof cancer, buy one get one free! It’s gone now so I can joke about it but it was no joke at the time, it was a ‘oh no what next?’ momment.


Alise please go to your GP and get this checked out for your own peace of mind, good luck x

Alise go to you dr hope you are wasting his timexx


I’d say give it a week and then go. If your GP’s surgery gets really busy make the appointment now and then cancel it if you don’t need it. It can be your safety net if it doesn’t clear up.

Hope it does clear up though.
love Pauline x

See you GP now - life is too short to have to live through days of uncertainty - and let us know please