Am I being too positive?

i am going in for my mastectomy on 24th… I have been told that “as far as they can tell” that my prognisis is good… I am being so positive with this, but am I setting myself up fo a fall?? This is such a rolle coaster!!!..I was doing so well since my diagnosis, but now I am going in to meltdown!!


Be as positive as you like, U2, there’s no reason not to be.

I generally felt positive about it all when I went through diagnosis & treatment last year, the team were very reassuring & I took my cue from that.

It’s normal to have anxious moments & mood can certainly be up & down, but if generally you’re feeling positive, then that’s great.

We can all respond differently & other’s experiences are different from ours, there is no right or wrong. 

ann x



I absolutely agree with ann’s comments. 


I was diagnosed last year told that it was early stage, very treatable and the outlook was very good, nothing has changed to make me think otherwise, I told my friends it was good bad news, bad news cancer, good news totally treatable. I am now back to my normal life, I have to take a little tablet every day but it is a small price to pay, but I have always been positive since diagnosis because my wonderful bc team were,so keep it up


Sending you a hug


Helena xxx

Hi Girlie, you be as positive as you like. That’s what will get you through this journey. Yes, you’ll have your ups and downs, but as CC said, take your cue from the medics . There’s always a back up plan, but for now I’d say it’s looking good! ?  Best of luck. X

U2girlie be as positive as you need. There is nothing wrong with it… I am positive as if not I’ll just sit and cry and I don’t want to do that! Ive had some moments where ive cried as i believe its good to get it all out… but being positive is the best way to be during this.

Hi U2
I am positive too. Had my lows during week of not knowing. Now I have my date for Lumpectomy things are moving on.
I am very positive and like Ladybowler I explained to family and friends bas news good news. Good luck in your journey xxxxx

Hi U2girlie, I was also very positive from start to finish (with one of two little wobbles in the middle) and I think it’s helped me to recover so quickly since all my treatment last year. You can afford to be positive if your treatment team are confident as breast cancer, when caught early, has one of the best outcomes. I’ve even heard of people being told that if you’re going to get cancer then breast is the best one to have!  Keep smiling and I am sure it will help you get through things. All the best. Michelle xx