Am I expecting too much

Hello. …like lots of others I am scared. Mets in my lung and chest node. I presented with a cough at my GPS back in august and take out 2 and a bit weeks for a brca test it has taken in my opinion far too long to start treatment. .which is next week. In the mean time I feel my health is deteriorating. …probably picking up all the germs that are going around. …moan over. .thank you x

Hello Anneliese.    Sorry you’re feeling fed up with it all.  What treatment are you starting next week?  The waiting for treatment to start is horrible, especially if you are feeling unwell as you probably are with a cough.  I think that there are rules for the time it takes for treatment to start, but I may be wrong in thinking that it is only for initial (ie. primary) treatment.

if you want to ask questions you can always contact PALS at your hospital.  You may feel better once your treatment has commenced.  You have a good old moan if you want, this is one place where nobody minds…

Thank you Lynnq …starting with paclitaxel for 6 months then moving on to avastin …just been panicking a little. .they always say catch it early. …4 months down the line doesn’t seem like a quick response. I will get in touch with PALS x