Am i just being stupid

Hello all very new to this but needed some advice rather than just talking to my husband, 2 months ago i found a lump in my left breast went to hospital had mammogram ultrasound and biopsy all came back clear thank god well now i have a lump on my right breast its very hard but does wobble and tender to touch went to doctor he said to come back in afew weeks which i am now going to do. Do you think im panicking about nothing if it was anything to worry about would the mammogram have picked it up before i found the lump Any advice would be great thanks xx

if its a new lump it needs checking babe, go to the docs honey, try and make it earlier rather than later, mamo’s only show what is there at the time, so if its new it needs checking

we are here to support you hon


Dont take any changes -always get new lumps checked out

good luck

yep peanut - go and get any new lump checked and dont feel stupid about it

Good luck

Hi Peanut

Would def. go and get yourself check out and don’t take no for an ansa. Hopefully all is ok and there is nothing to worry about.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care