Am I kidding myself??

So, I really shouldn’t watch daft, weepy films where the heroine dies. And I really, really shouldn’t drink half a bottle of wine, because it makes me teary and I start thinking about the Big Questions, namely, am I kidding myself that I can beat this? But, can I? Is there such a thing as a cure, or is it just a case of hoping for as long as possible before it comes back?
Anyway, I’ve started a savings account. I’m 45, I’m going on the Orient Express with my husband when I’m 50. If I’m kidding myself, please tell me…and I’ll spend it all on shoes…

Bet I have a headache in the morning too!!! :wink:

Forget the shoes! Keep saving for the train journey of your life . You can do it . xxx

Ali that all sounds very ‘normal’ to me! When I was diagnosed (just over 2 years ago) I seriously doubted I’d see my fifitieth birthday, now just a couple of months away, and for a while was anxious about planning anything too far into the future. Now I am planning my first ever long haul holiday. Having a goal to aim for is a really good thing, so get that saving fund going! Oh, and if you fancy a pair of shoes in the meantime, have them too - carpe diem and all that jazz.

keep saving…and think of your great holiday its a much nicer thought than thinking bc might return…it may never return and you will kick yourself at 90 for waisting your life worrying…my two yr check up is due next month so ok i have allowed it to creep back…but only for a short while…nobody is promised tomorrow even with a clean bill of health,so live for today,dream of your holiday,and watch films that make you laugh,oh and yes buy a pair of shoes. i would also like to add my grandmother had bc in her 40’s and lived untill 94…so think of that too when you are having a moment;-) sarah x

Ali, yep just keep saving, perhaps you can dip in every so often for those shoes! xx

Thank you all for replying and helping me out of my blip… Sarah I shall certainly think of your Grandmother, and yes you’re right, we aren’t promised a clean bill of health.
Note to self - don’t watch weepy films!!!

If you are kidding yourself, then so am I. I recently had solar panels installed, with a 10-year pay-back period!
There are, of course, no guarantees, but there is every reason to assume you will get your ride on the Orient Express.

Lol Amysmum! :slight_smile:

No you are not kidding yourself. I was diagnosed at 44 in Feb 2007. Last month I turned 50, and this Thursday I will take my last tamoxifen (yippee!). And on Friday I take delivery of a new piano (50th pressie) to last me through the next 50 years.

Oh wow… And what a brilliant pressie!