Am I making fuss?

Hi Girls

Its nearly 18months now since my dx and 13 months since my Lumpectomy ?Lymph node removal.

My concern is that I still have a large area under and round my arm that is so so sensitive , and still quite ‘dead in certain areas’ Recently however I have been getting shooting pains in my arm. I am seeing the surgeon again on the 17th November , do you think it would be OK to leave until then.

Has anyne else had the same?

God bless


Hi Norma

I didnt have nodes removed so didnt have problems with pain. However, if you have a pain that last for more than a week or two I would defnitely not wait until November and would ask to be seen soon. It is highly likely to be post surgery healing etc but dont wait that long - you need to have your mind put at rest.


Hi Norma, I’m 2 years post lymph node clearance in October and I still get a lot of shooting nerve pain. The feeling came back under my armpit after about 3 months but it has a tendency to come and go. I also get pain like this in the rib under my breast every few weeks. I was discharged from oncology 2 weeks ago and had a lot of questions to ask with it being the last appointment, this was one of my queries.

The oncologist assured me it’s to do with the nerve endings that were cut during surgery trying to find each other again - they are unable to so they are hitting the wrong ones all the time. OH has had a problem with sciatica for years and he said it could take years for things to repair - the onc agreed with this. I also have a dull ache in the breast where the surgery was done and still have a redness from the rads, even though it was Feb/March last year. I do a lot of gentle yoga for my arm and have now joined a Monday morning class. Hope this helps you.

Hi Cathy and Cherub,

Thank you so much for your replies. I think you are probably both right in that it’s post surgery healing. It makes sense to me and I feel much better hearing it from others.

Hope you are both doing well.