Am I overreacting?

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I finished chemo in June 2006 and have not had a period since March 2006. I was 42 at dx and premenopausal. Onc said there was a 20% chance they would come back but after 20 months I figured not.

Anyway last Sunday I got a bloody period!!! Of course I went into major panic mode and rang onc who was not one bit perturbed and said its better for your bones etc to not be menopausal at your age.

Of course as I had an ER+ cancer I am now hysterical that it will come back with all this oestrogen floating around again.

He said as I am “low risk” neg nodes small lump etc it is not a problem as long as I keep taking tamoxifen .

I am contemplating having my ovaries out but he said this is far too drastic in the circumstances and my GP looked at me like I Was mad.

Its just one more thing to worry about if I dont although I have to say I do feel a bit better physically sinc e they came back - not as many flushes !.

I know Liverbird wrote a similar thread and I am just wondering if anyone else has faced this dilemma?



Dear Alise

It may be worth contacting our helpline team for further information, advice and support on 0808 800 6000 which is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am - 2pm or you could email our Ask the Nurse service, our trained nurses are available to offer specialist information on breast cancer and health issues by email when you need, see the link below:

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I’ve had periods every since diagnosis. I was also premenopausal but didn’t have chemo due to my age when diagnosed (48) and because the cancer didn’t appear to have spread to my lymph nodes plus it was low grade. I am also oestrogen positive. I took tamoxifen for about two years but stopped due to side effects. I am now 52 and no sign of the menopause sad to say


I had my initial diagnosis in 1995 at the age of 40 and went straight into the menopause with no periods since that time (am now 52). I was on Tamoxifen for 10 years due to the type of breast cancer I had and my GP thought it was too high a risk to come off it after 5 years (plus I have a family history). And he proved to be right. He did suggest to me years ago about having my ovaries removed to minimise my risk but at the time I felt I couldn’t take time off work (sounds stupid now but hey ho!)

I’m also oestrogen positive and I know a lot of ladies in our support group who are and their cancer hasn’t come back so try not to worry too much about it - enjoy your life!

Molennium - The reason why you didn’t have chemo isn’t because of your age (lots of women older than you have chemo) but because it was low grade and hadn’t spread to your lymph nodes. I’m still on chemo now (have been for the past year) due to secondaries.


Hi everyone

I am also oestrogen positive - had lump - slow growing/small - removed and some nodes - didn’t need chemo but had rads, where they sang Happy Birthday to me on my 50th Birthday! - I am not on Tamoxifen - I was given choice as it was basically 6 & 2and 3’s; I decided I didn’t want all those side effects - I also took into account that I am now in the ‘system’ and will have regular checks - so should any problems arise, things will be caught early - and as its slow growing is okay’ish’ - I am still premenopausal - I even have mid cycle pain to remind me of my oestrogen! … I’m sure that the doctors looked after me and gave the best advise for my situation - and I hold on to that thought (especially at first, when I doubted my decision re not taking tamoxifen) :o)
xCaroline AKA Tiggerless