Am I special

Well I know we’re all special in our own little way but I was wonderig if anyone else has had rads in 3 seperate area’s…they are going to do my boob, my armpit and my shoulder area due to cells being found in my lymph nodes…come and tell me I’m not alone…please

No your not alone i have had exactly the same. Have had 15in these areas and then a futher 5 booster ones to the tumour site.
I have 2 left to go!!!

Good luck


I’m to have 25 sessions with 8 boosters…some mighty sore area’s coming up I assume…

Thanks for reassuring me Gina…x

I have had 25 full treatments and am having my 8th boost tomorrow. Had armpit and neck done too.


I just find it so strange the different amount people get in diff areas.
I’m not too sore but very red, hopefully you wont get too sore either.

G x

Tally, same here, i had boob , armpit and collarbone



Same here. I had 25 doses to chest(no boob!) collarbone and armpit. I also had a big dod of wax called a bolus on my chest to target the dose on my skin rather than under it. I now have a 12" x 8" rectangle of tanned skin. It was very sore for about 2 weeks after the treatment stopped but cleared up very quickly. I hope yours goes smoothly too Tally.

Jan xx

I am on number 7 of 25 targeting same areas! I am not red now but very sore and swollen. xxx

Hi Ladies,

Just to reassure you, I had 33 sessions a couple of years ago! 25 on my breast and 8 boosters on my breast and neck, bizarrely it was my neck where the skin broke (I think that my seatbelt had rubbed the area sore on a long journey that I had one weekend near the end of rads!)
My breast didn’t blister or open! and it was only as sore as sunburn, OK if you didn’t touch it. I had a lovely brown rectangle for a while, but be reassured it did fade!
Just keep on rubbing in the cream you’re given,

Love to you, it may seem an ordeal now, but it’s soon over!


I had 33 rads sessions in 4 areas - breast, armpit, collarbone and back of shoulder blade as there had been some spread to adjacent tissue and node in breast but not as far as lymph nodes. I also had 4 boosters direct to the site where the tumour had been. My rads finished end of April 2008, I had slight breakdown of the skin on my collarbone (I am very small and not much excess flesh so the area where the skin was tight against bone was more vulnerable), I also had a small split at the edge of my armpit but nothing severe. My skin went through various shades of red then turned to a lovely golden brown tan which lasted for about 4-6 months afterwards.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment

Hi - me too, those 3 areas plus a spine met. Haven’t started yet - due to have 35 sessions, probably staring early April. Is the next set of lymph nodes by the collarbone or in the neck?

It’s reassuring to hear other’s in the same boat…my rads start next monday, 1st March…I have been told the one to the shoulder area can go through to the back so will have to try and reach round to slap the cream on.
Not sure where the next lot of nodes are, would be interesting to find a diagram

Hi Tally
Try Wikipedia for a simple diagram of the Lymph Nodes. Just type in Lymph Nodes Location Wikipedia. There’s a lot of explanation about their anatomy,function etc but the diagram is ok.
Good luck with your treatment.


I am new to the site and pleased to have found your posts!! I was diagnosed in Oct, having found the lump under my armpit (nothing was felt in the breast until I had an ultrasound). I subsequerntly had a lumpectomy and had full ax clearance and the gland by my collarbone removed as this too contained cancerous cells. I am having 3 fec, 3 docetaxel (about to have my 2nd docetaxel) plus 6 weeks of radio to the breast, armpit and collarbone area followed by tamoxifen.
I would be interested to hear of others experiences and treatment etc - am finding it a bit hard and scary at the moment!