Am I the only one who finds WIGS uncomfortable?

Am I the only person who finds wearing a wig very uncomfortable?

I’ve got a HOTHAIR Beverley wig, it’s a nice wig, not cheap etc.

However I find it hot to wear, I literally sweat on my head, it’s tight even when I adjust it loosely, it’s itchy because of the backing and the wires dig into my glasses on the sides.

I’m not bothered about this now, I wear scarves or go bald around and about my house and yard. But I am bothered when I start looking for work and get a job! I want to be able to wear a wig for 8 hours a day without it being a huge trauma.

Me! Me! Me!

I got one with a very fine ventilated mesh base and it was properly fitted by a recommended wig shop but I really don’t find it very comfortable. If I don’t wear contact lenses, then yes, specs are a big problem at the sides.
I just go commando or wear a Buff in beanie-mode if I feel cold. I’ve got a couple of nice scarves but it’s too warm for them right now.

I get fed up of being looked at sideroads, but not so fed up that I can cope with wearing El Cid.

No you’re not the only one I hated mine! In fact I wore it once and that was that! Sorry I can’t make any suggestions for improving comfort but maybe someone else will have some tips.
Hope treatment goes well, take care, Julie

Mine too is a little uncomfortable, but not itchy or make me hot.

I can manage about 4 hours with it on before I feel like I’ve got a vice around my temples (on loosest setting also) - only wore it 4 times so far and is a relief when I rip it off… Most I’ve done was on Friday when I managed to get in to see a business who I consult to on occasions, a record 6 hours (but was starting with a headache by the time I left)…

Generally go with lightweight scarves at the mo, as easier and more comfortable…

I found it horrid when I had a bit of hair, and had to wear a stocking thing, but now i’ve got no hair, suddenly I fidn it’s the most forgettable thing I have on my head - ie least uncomfortable, because it doen’t have to go overo the ears (like scarves/buffs) and having my ears covered irritates me. Glasses ARE an issue though, and I have to put them on oveor the wig, then pull hair out to cover them, but the varifocals are seldom in the right place! Still, I’m getting used to it…when it’s not hot… which is most of the time these days? Where’s summer gone?

Glad I’m not the only one!

I just wear scarves out and find them OK :slight_smile: Or bald for neighbours ha ha, and at home if I’m not cold.

I wish I could wear the wig more, it does look really nice. I can only manage 2 hours or so.

Has everyone given their wig a name? Mine is “Alexis” because its the silliest name that popped in my head that is for women with BIG hair, thinking it’s big thick luxourious hair

I’d asked a few women in the chemo unit who wear wigs(didnt know til they told me) and they all said it’s not a problem, but then their wigs were short, wondered if that made a difference.

I’ve called mine Gertrude lol. I find it fairly comfortable but am very pleased to take it off at the end of the day. I am really not a hat or scarf person so don’t like being bald. My wig is shoulder length. I can’t wait to be able to take it off and have my hair back. It’s currently about 1cm long so getting there.

Do you wear a wig cap with them? This can make a *huge* difference to comfort. One of my wigs only really feels comfy with two of the stockinette wig caps underneath so I only wear it when it’s not too warm but I wouldn’t wear a wig at all without a cap underneath, it’s just too scratchy.

I find wigs and specs don’t go that well together either!

Nymeria x

I’m another who had the wig/specs problem and I found mine a bit itchy and scratchy, so I didn’t wear it very often. I mostly used hats and scarves during the winter months and a sun hat when it warmed up.

Hated mine. .to me it was a reminder id lost my hair.went with hats n buffs

i don’t know where you are in your treatment, however I have to say when I was going through chemo I found it very difficult to wear my wig. It made me have a headache constantly and I couldn’t wait to take it off. I am now 5 months after my last chemo and although my hair is growing it is not enough for me to feel comfortable with it. I got a new wig to wear and launched it at my ‘new chapter’ party. I have to say i can now wear it all day and forget it is there (almost). I look forward to not wearing a wig but that day is not quite there!

My wig is a monofilament wig, as was my first and I believe it was the treatment and how I felt that made it difficult more than anything else. Good luck everyone with their treatment and recovery. J.

Have only worn my wig a couple of times- finished chemo end of April. I have the specs/wig problem too, I also find it too hot and my scalp feels itchy despite the cap underneath. You are definitely not alone El Katrano as evidenced by all the replies to your question.

Ditto with the specs problem, ditto with the itchiness and ditto with the heat!

I’ve not worn my wig out at all - i mostly go commando or occasionally wore a buff or hat when it was colder. I also felt like my wig looked like a “wig”. So it has only been out of its box when my friends were trying it on at my house! They thought it was very uncomfortable too, and they have hair. Its even worse on a bare scalp. Maybe try a cap thing if that helps the itchiness, but if its hot, that’s only going to make it worse.

I’ve finished chemo now and have sparse fluffy stuff growing now. I hope it starts to look more like hair soon as i think i preferred being totally bald!

Al x

Me too. Wore Ermintrude oce for five minutes. The only reason I still have her is cos my elderly dad doesn’t know about the cancer so 've kept it for when I see him next. Hate it. I’m one of those militant baldies. If people don’t like my bald head that’s their problm. This just happens to be what I look like at the moment so they’ll just have to deal with it - I have to, so can they.

For a job interview I told the recruitment consultant first so they could let the recruiting company know, after they said they wanted to interview me based on my cv. They can’t then refuse to see you as that would be discrimination. So went in with a scarf as I thought bald might be a bit of a step too far. Got offered the job.

Me too have put wig on twice and taken it straight off again. Not brave enough to go bald outside! Have gone with scarves and hats. Although do sometimes take them off in the car - Daredevil!!


Yes yes yes, hate the wig although it’s a very good very expensive one. I wear varifocals and it’s awful, although it can effect specs wearing hats and scarves.
I personally would wear a scarf for job interview or go bald, for me, I am bald, I do have cancer, it’s their problem not mine. I do understand why you CM wear one.
The other day while in a que a little girl couldn’t stop staring, and her poor mum was mortified, I just said hello to her and said I know I look funny, and told her mum not to worry.
Good luck with what ever you decide. Xxx

Hi everyone,

I have 100% respect for my wig, without it I wouldnt have had the courage to go out of the house, it has also saved my 3 children from embarrasment when I have picked them up from school, I couldnt wear a bandanna or a scarf out of the house, I do indoors, though not so much now because my hair is growing back, slowly,

I havent found my wig too uncomfortable although it has been hot in the warm weather, almost like wearing a woolly hat lol,

even so 100% respect, all the best Liz xxx

I had to go to A&E this morning, by time it was over it was 11.30am, so lots of people about, I’d gone in bald as a coot. FIrst time I’ve been bald in public where people dont know me - interesting how many people double take, stare and look at you :smiley: But didn’t care as in too much pain.

I get looked at in my scarves but the reaction is different when totally bald - lol.

100% respect to everybody, no matter what solution they choose.

I have two wigs - different styles. The monofilament wig is the most comfortable, light and airy - it is hand tied with a lace front so really does let the scalp breathe. I always wear a cap with either … one of those net ones, the stocking ones are too hot. I never go out without wearing one of them, except to exercise or the gym.