Am I worrying prematurely?

Hi guys,

After perusing through the threads here over the past few days I now know that I really could do with some advice and you guys are the people to turn to.
I went to see my GP today because an indentation in my breast, like most people in this situation I went to hear “oh it’s just normal hormonal changes” or “it’s nothing to worry about”, instead I heard “you have a 4cm lump and an intriguing rash (on the same breast)”. Panic set in and I then only heard that I would get an appointment at the breast clinic and would be seen within two weeks. I have been given antiviral meds and antifungal cream for the rash as it looks slightly like shingles although the doctor is sure that it’s not shingles, and it could be thrush although the doctor said that was highly unlikely too but she wants to cover all bases.
Could it be that I have an innocent lump and an odd rash in the same breast that are completely unrelated, could I be that lucky?
I have had two previous scares and those times I knew I would be fine but this time feels different - i do wonder if i feel different because i have had enough of the scares of if this time i may not be so lucky.
I understand that our local breast clinic does all the scans on the 1st appointment but is it normal to be able to deal with (look at) the rash too or would that need a further appointment? I just want the wait to be over - i only went today and so how am i going to manage two blinking weeks lol?
Oh and is 4cm big or small?
Sorry for ranting I think I am in shock.
I hope someone can help.

Oh what a dipstick I am, the breast clinic called me this morning to give me an appointment on the 2nd of December and I forgot to ask the lady that called. I know that i am not quite with it but I was in shocked that someone had called, and so soon. I have previously just been sent an appointment letter.
I am hoping that the clinic is just more efficient these days ?

Just thought I would reply, I can’t offer advice as not in same circumstances however I do know what waiting around is like the past two weeks for me I’ve gone through every scenario and the waiting is not knowing can cause anxiety, easier said than done but try not to worry I have been concentrating on the positives it’s positive you have seen gp and have appointment at BC . It could be any number of things as you know just wanted you to know you weren’t alone good luck for dec app

Thank you ShellStar,
I know about focussing on positives and I have been putting the lump down to a random cyst of some sort ?. I am sure that I can manage another week of waiting (but staying away from google is difficult to say the least lol).
I do hope you are well xxxx

Hi Scatty65,
Good luck to you too. I am in at 11, I don’t know how either of us will sleep tonight.
Hugs xx

I’m also in tomorrow, here’s hoping we can all pop back to relay some good news, good luck x x

??? a four leaf clover for each of us xxx

Ive got a core biopsy Thurs am too. Good luck all. X

Hi guys,
Scatty and milly I hope all went well yesterday, and good luck poppy.
I went for my ultrasound yesterday and they couldn’t see anything, yes they felt the lump and apparently I have more but my scan was clear. I was told that the lump was just normal breast tissue or they would’ve seen something. I am so relieved but at the same time I feel a bit like ‘it can’t be normal - I have a lump causing an indentation in my breast - a big one too!’ Guess I will have to just get used to my new ‘normal’ misshapen breast and stop fretting.

Hi Teresa
Glad you got good news :slight_smile: my scans were also all clear but they also took a biopsy and I should get results in a couple of weeks, explained a bit more in another post. The radiographer certainly seemed to think there’s nothing to overly worry about and I think perhaps the surgeon is being cautious as I have quite significant family history. Trying not to worry too much and I have a lot on at work the next couple of weeks plus Christmas shopping to hopefully keep me busy! Hope everyone else got good news too x